now is a good time to panic


I’m Katie. I’m pretty effing cool. Just kidding, I’ve never been cool. I’ve come to terms with that, though.

I was in the military for a while, but then took early retirement when carrying fat guys on litters messed up my back. I lived in Maryland for 19 years, Japan for 6, Turkey for 2, and now Hawaii. I have a fabulous boyfriend and an awesome little dog. Life would be perfect if I could get the dog to stop going bananas every time someone rings the doorbell. The boyfriend, too, now that I think about it.


Have fun :)


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YOU’RE disco

Comment by kathelldorfer

Motherfuckin’ cool.

Comment by Jessica Russell

I like cake.

Comment by Jo

we all do. especially cheesecake and carrot cake.

Comment by kathelldorfer

There is something about reading your blog that makes me giggle…maybe because I can hear you talking with that VERY sarcastic tone all while playing with your cornsilk hair, making the most animated faces, while thinking of ways to kill people…and by people, I mean everyone! :)

Comment by Katie

I thought it was only my boyfriend that goes mental when the doorbell rings! I have taken to spraying him with a water bottle! ;)

Comment by wallancee

I’ve found that’s the best way. He broke up with me when I tried to keep him off the couch with mousetraps on the sofa cushions, though.

Comment by kathelldorfer

I have a feeling we can come up with some great ideas for tormenting boyfriends if we put our heads together, I’m feeling a little evil lol!

Comment by wallancee

I’m just glad to hear that Theresa is getting his life back together

Comment by Darren

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