now is a good time to panic

culinary wonder…the final installment

…continued from culinary wonder part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V, part VI, part VII, and part VIII

Theresa gives up on her job and starts looking for another one. She finds a nice one within a week. A few days after she started, she got off shift and walked to the bar across the street, intending on only having one cocktail. Another cook shows up and she ends up drinking the night away with her friend instead of going home. She had about five double shots and a few beers, then they took an 18 pack home with them. The next day they were both off, so they drank the entire day; until about 1700/1800 the next day. Her coworker took her home and instead of being dropped off at her parents’ house, she goes to the pub down the street. The pub closes she starts to walk home with a fifth of Jack. She was woken up the next morning by her father. She had made it home, and passed out on the porch without shoes or her cell phone or cigarettes. She stumbled upstairs and slept the entire day.


The next day, she goes into work for business as usual and the manager calls her into his office… and gives her a raise. That was a month ago, and she hasn’t had a drink since. She’s been doing nothing but working and saving money and is going to join the German in his new restaurant in a few months. She’s nervous about calling him, because she knows he’ll be disappointed in her. She’s been reassured by his second in command that as long as she keeps herself together, there’s a place waiting for her. She’s estimating about three more months before she can afford to go start her new job.


Theresa is now focused on getting structure back in her life, starting a routine, and planning for her new life. She works almost every day, and her days off are spent studying molecular gastronomy… definitely a 180 from where she was six months ago. Things are finally starting to look up.


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Molecular gastronomy? That’s quite impressive!!! So glad to hear she is getting her life together and is headed in a good direction. :)

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