now is a good time to panic

culinary wonder part VIII

…continued from culinary wonder part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V, part VI, and part VII


The entire night before and subsequent ride to the airport, Theresa is worrying. It’s the end of her professional career, she’s going to stay with her parents with whom she does not get along at all (especially her father), and her life is falling apart. As soon as she gets to the airport, she finds a bar. Sitting in the bar, she pounds a few drinks, then stumbles to her gate. She boards the plane and then passes out as soon as she gets to her seat. When she lands at her home airport, the thought of her dad waiting to pick her up sends her into a panic and she finds another bar to order a few drinks before he arrives.


Her father shows up before she has time to become completely shitfaced. He could probably tell she had been drinking, but he didn’t say anything. They had a sappy reunion (which Theresa credits to a combination of booze and missing home) consisting of her bursting into tears, dropping her bags, and throwing her arms around her father. They throw her stuff in the back of the car, and go home. The ride home was mostly quiet, with a little conversation. When they arrived, Theresa slept for almost two days. All her parents ask is that she not drink or do any drugs while she’s at home with them.


Within a few days of returning home, Theresa went back to the first restaurant she ever worked in, and was instantly rehired. She worked there and immediately started hanging out with her old crowd. She’d go a week without drinking, then binge with her friends. Not just getting a nice little tipsy buzz, but full on, balls to the wall blackout. This lasted two months. She’d come home drunk from work and her parents would be pissed, and she’s drink before work. Her job gradually stopped putting her on the schedule, and used the excuse of ‘business is just slow right now’.She talked to her manager and he confessed that it was because of her drinking and unreliability. One day she finds her dad’s Everclear and drank so much that her mom had to call in sick at work for her the next day. After she sobered up, she didn’t drink for a day and immediately started to withdraw. She couldn’t get out of bed by herself, and had to even ask for help while showering. The withdrawal lasted for 72 hours.


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