now is a good time to panic

culinary wonder part VI

…continued from culinary wonder part I, part II, part III, part IV  and part V

The new executive chef left within the first month of his employment, fired by the German for his lack of consistency. Shortly after his departure, the German decided that he was not only going to be the food and beverage director, but also be the executive chef. Theresa and her friend felt honored to be working under such an accomplished and well known chef. She was irritated at how the other people in the kitchen took the German’s experience and credentials for granted and didn’t try to learn anything from him or further themselves. She went home exhausted and happy every night.


Theresa is six months sober, on antidepressants, was a vegetarian and studying Buddhism, was working out every day, and was in a good place in her relationship with her boyfriend. She was comfortable in her own skin, no longer afraid of life, and genuinely happy. The only downside was that she received very little support from her coworkers while she strove for perfection in the kitchen. She’s up for promotion and is getting nervous, and the holiday season is upon them so they’re getting busy. She was told that there’s a new executive chef coming in, and she has to wait on her promotion. She loves learning the extra duties, but is still anxious to be getting paid for what she’s doing. The German is talking up the new chef big time, bragging about how he’s traveled the world and trained in every fancy kitchen you can imagine… he turns out to be a nut job. He was verbally abusive, big on sexual harassment, and would not hesitate to get physical if he was angry with you… he lasted until New Year’s Eve.


Since they were in season at this point, the German is too busy to be the executive chef as well as his primary job as food and beverage director. Theresa is promoted to head line cook. Everybody is stressed out. They’re understaffed, underpaid, the Christmas bonuses aren’t what they were the year before, and there are new locations opening without enough supporting staff. Everyone in the kitchen has been working ridiculous hours with no days off. One week Theresa worked 120 hours… and there were some cooks that worked more than that. Everyone is on edge, biting their tongues. Theresa is asked to help with a new menu, so she’s between the kitchen and the office, working on the new menu whenever she can find the time. One day out of nowhere, the German puts in his notice.


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There is more to be told with this tale. Keep going.

Comment by timeofchangeblog

three more installments to go :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

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