now is a good time to panic

culinary wonder part IV

…continued from culinary wonder part I, part II, and part III

Theresa opted for rehab and is instructed to not stop drinking so she doesn’t have a seizure from withdrawal. The counselor stopped enforcing her appointments and is trying to find a bed for Theresa. Now Theresa is back to drinking a 12 pack of beer before work. The day after her birthday last May (2011), she’s getting ready for work with a beer in her hand. She gets a phone call saying that they’ve finally found a bed and she has to go right NOW. She showed up to detox with a Heineken in her hand and chugs it before they open the door. Her friend called the restaurant and told them that she’s finally got a bed. They’re aware of the legal situation, but she still doesn’t know if she’ll have a job when she gets out.


So now she’s back in the same place she detoxed in a year ago. They actually overdid it on the meds because of her past problem with pills, and she saw the same counselors she knew from a year ago. After three days, she’s detoxed and back at work. The original counselor is trying to find her a rehab that will work for her and got her on antidepressants. She finally got into a rehab a few weeks later. She gave work the phone number and the address to the rehab she was going to. As she’s in the office, the German sees her and pulls her aside. He tells her that she’s done amazing things there and she will have a job when she gets clean. Theresa is floored, and thanks him.



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