now is a good time to panic

culinary wonder part III

…continued from culinary wonder part I and culinary wonder part II


She developed a mentor type relationship with the Swiss and the German. They’d teach her everything they knew at work, and then after work they’d go out for a few beers and hang out. They took their drinking as seriously as they took their cooking. Theresa would be high from the adrenaline rush in the kitchen at work all day. She finally felt somewhere she belonged. Now she’s gone through periods of sobriety and then falls back down again. Picks herself up, falls back down. Somehow, she’s finally found home.


After five months of this, she gets out of work one night. Typical night, she goes out to meet her boyfriend for a few drinks and starts with beer. They move to shots, and about fifteen drinks later one of their drug buddies roll in. They get some pills and go back to the house. Her boyfriend starts flipping out completely and so Theresa and her drug buddy take off before the cops show up. Right before they can leave, the police arrive. Theresa is drunk as hell and gets caught with pills. She had enough booze in her to not give a shit, and not knowing that those four or five pills on her were serious… in Florida, each pill is a felony charge. She was still dunk and high and was freely giving details to the cops about her drug problems. She’s booked and put in a cell at like five or six am. She didn’t sleep much, and eventually got to see the judge on a closed circuit tv. She plead guilty and they released her pending a court date. She’s out at ten am she was on pre-trial diversion. That means she was randomly drug tested, so no drugs or drinking until her court case came up.. Theresa called her roommate and got back home, where her boyfriend is freaking out. She has to be at work at one pm. She had a few beers, laid down for an hour, then calls a taxi and gets to work on time.
The work day is uneventful.


A few days later, she had a serious buzz going and is setting up. The short fat french guy comes up to her and says in his thick accent ‘So, Theresa. I heard you spent the night at the hotel last week’. She had no idea what he was talking about and had a million things to do. He leaves and comes back with his iphone. He clicks it and there’s Theresa’s mug shot, staring at her. She told him ‘I guess you have to go to HR about this’. He shrugs and says ‘I don’t have to do anything. This is up to you.’. Theresa becomes closer with the Swiss, and it turns out that he’s only two years older than you. He’s worked at the Versace mansion, was trained in Switzerland, studied throughout Europe, and is running the kitchen at this fancy resort, where a typical lunch serves 1500 people. Theresa is drinking in the mornings, but it’s all out of her system by midday, so she’s passing her random court ordered drug tests.


Her court case comes up and her lawyer tells her to opt to enter a ‘drug diversion program’. No drinking or drugging for a year, the times a week she had to be in AA meetings, three times a week drug testing, once a week group therapy, once a week individual therapy. She slowed down on her drinking, but didn’t quit. She missed a few appointments due to mixing up days or her work schedule, but made up any mistakes so it was never brought up to the judge. She’s been lying to the counselors for two months, telling them that she’s not drinking, and playing the game. One day she’s at work, and going through withdrawal from alcohol gives her dry heaves. There was nothing to throw up and she ends up rupturing a blood vessel in her eye. The next day she has a therapy session and the counselor called bullshit on her flu story. Since she’s having withdrawals, the counselor tells her that she has to choose between jail (six months to a few years, depending on the judge), or rehab for three to four months.



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I really hope this story ends happy. :)

Comment by triing2survive

Tthere are actually nine installments, so you get some ups and downs before finding out ;) I know nine is a lot of posts for one story, but it’s such a gritty slice of reality that I thought her honesty and openness deserved special attention. After the last post, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled nonsense.

Comment by kathelldorfer

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