now is a good time to panic

dog paradox

This is courtesy of the best website ever. It will have you snorting your morning coffee through your nose.


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Omg I love this one. Katie you are the best!!! Miss you bunches.xoxox

Comment by kathy scott

Haha I KNEW you’d like this :) I miss you back. xxoo

Comment by kathelldorfer

Only Katie can find this. It works for beer snorting as well.

Comment by timeofchangeblog

Loved it!!! I needed this laugh today. Thanks Katie.

Comment by triing2survive

Aww! I had to repost this one. Dogs are pretty weird!!

Comment by Jo

I always say, if I don’t particularly like the person who asks my age, A woman who tells her age will tell anything- courtesy of Maize. If i like them, I just tell him/her my age. Who cares?

Comment by susan

Omfg! That was so awesome! I read this while sitting in the chapel before a briefing and was lol’ing the whole time I read this.

Comment by alfg610

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