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stupid crocs
7 September 2012, 12:00 pm
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Okay, so I have a thing about crocs. I hate them. I hate them with my whole heart. I have never thought they were cool or cute or comfortable. I think they’re hideous. They are PLASTIC SLIP ON SHOES. How did they ever become trendy? More importantly, why are they still around? What is wrong with us? They’re AWFUL. Unless you are working in an operating room or gardening outside, there is no reason you should be wearing them. Make a commitment to flip flops or shoes. Crocs are an unholy hybrid and they should be banned. FOREVER.

I normally don’t get worked up about things, but this is serious. I am serious. Start a movement.



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I so agree.not only are they ugly, but expensive. What silly way to spend money

Comment by

I agree! I’ve never worn a pair of crocs, and never will!

Comment by triing2survive

I wish I could like this more times than just once. I totally have a post on Crocs coming up at some point.

Comment by Evelyn Carnate

Thanks! It’s because they are EVIL. EEEEEEVIL!

Comment by kathelldorfer

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