now is a good time to panic

pink and yellow

I was packing and shipping boxes for most of last week. On Tuesday I was pouring sweat and exhausted. When I was finished with the manual labor I ran some errands… you know, the post office, the VA, Walmart, the PX, and a few other places. I got home and realized that while I was sweating and working my ass off for the first part of my day, my pink bra had bled right through my white tank top (which is now ruined) and my yellow t-shirt (also ruined). I took a picture for you guys. The front isn’t awful, but the back is really bad. I just can’t figure out how to take a picture of my back.

So I was walking around like this for a couple of hours. I’m sure that I would have noticed if a. my boobs were smaller (nope), b. I paid any attention to any mirrors I may have walked by (definitely did not), and c. someone was nice enough to stop me and say something (of course not). None of these things happened, though. I’m almost thirty years old. Isn’t it time I managed to pull it together and things like this stopped happening to me? I’m not overly upset by this event, it just made me roll my eyes and sigh when I realized what happened. 

I’ve never been cool. I’ve accepted this. It doesn’t really bother me anymore. It would be nice though, if I could at least fake being one of those women who has her shit together. Oh, well. Good thing I accepted my unfortunate awkwardness a long time ago.


What you can’t see is that the pink is actually a super bright neon. Also that the back of my shirt has two small lines and one huge stripe across the back where the bra straps and back part of my bra bled right through. I’m so classy.


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LOL, that’s something that would happen to me. I’ve walked down the street with my dress pulled up around my hip (from my bag tugging it), with my tank top totally shifted (again heavy bag pulling it to the side), with sweat marks under the boobs, etc.

I can totally sympathize with you :)

Comment by ifUseekAmy

My friend Chandra told me that she saw a girl at the gym with huge orange splotches all over her workout gear… she was sweating out her spray tan. I felt bad for the girl, but relieved that at least I’m not the only person in the world that ends up with crap like that happening to them. I really feel like I should have my shit together at this point in my life… not sure what I’m doing wrong lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

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