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adventures on the bus

Every time I ride the bus here, I have a new and interesting experience. About a week ago I was fortunate enough to be sitting across from an old guy wearing a Navy uniform blouse, walkman headphones (with no walkman or anything attached), and a straw fedora. He chatted pleasantly with the man in front of him for a few minutes, then proceeded to pull out a stack of rolling papers and a sandwich baggie of homegrown mary jane.

Oh. Hell. Yes.

I could barely contain my excitement. Of course I took a picture for you guys. Sorry you can’t see it very well, but I was so thrilled for the opportunity to document this occasion that my cameraphone photography skills could reasonably be called into question. Sub par would be a generous assessment.

After I snapped his picture, I sat and watched as he rolled the biggest, fattest joint ever. It was a beautiful joint. Jesus himself could not have rolled a more perfect joint. After licking and sealing this work of art, he then put all of his materials back into his bookbag and checked to see if his window opened. Upon realizing it did now, he signed despondently and settled into his seat to wait for his stop.

I love Hawaii. I really do.


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That’s just awesome!!!

Comment by triing2survive

Katie, you never fail to find perfect people and situations with which to amuse yourself. Do these strangers meditate to find their way across your path? Do you emit vibrations or radio signals? As usual I am impressed and not surprised.

Comment by susan

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