now is a good time to panic


Tattoos are becoming more common. Over 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. That’s a lot of people. Let me give a quick briefing on how to act. Over the past few years it’s become clear to me that this information has not been widely disseminated. I’m ready to assist.


I have something like 250 hours of ink on me. Each piece means something special to me, and all were carefully thought out. I’ve only had two artists. Because I’m picky like that. My point is that this is something important to me. I realize that this still a little controversial in terms of expressing myself. Lots of people still are not on board with the body art. That’s okay with me. I respect your opinion. I just don’t want to hear it.


Most of the time my tattoos get either a compliment and smile or just a dirty look. Sometimes they’re ignored. That’s fine, too. I only get pissed off when people start touching me. My full backpiece is awesome. Thanks. I know. That’s why I got it. That is no reason for you to stroke my back. I’m glad you like my sleeve… why are you grabbing my arm? I wouldn’t walk up to you and randomly grab you. Why is it okay for you to do it to me? Tattoos are not three dimensional. There is nothing to feel. If you’d like to see my art I have no problem extending and rotating my arm for your viewing pleasure. Just ask.



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So incredibly true! You do have alot of ink and I think it is absolutely beautiful.

Comment by triing2survive

Thank you so much. Consider my post a public service announcement lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

Yours is a reasonable request; I certainly do not appreciate being touch, unless it’s on the back of me hand when meeting someone. I do believe you are right regarding the popularity of tattoos as a form of personal art and expression. I enjoy seeing the work that defines the essence of what is them.

Comment by susan

I was so happy when you and dad embraced my tattoos. I know a lot of people who have parents and family that disapprove, and it makes them feel bad about their choices. Which is unfortunate, and kind of sad.

Comment by kathelldorfer

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