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attic closet

So almost a year ago (I’m clearly still obsessing over it) I saw a post on apartment therapy about an attic that was converted into a closet. I immediately fell in love. FELL. IN. LOVE. Here is a picture of the magic. God, I cannot wait until I have my own home. I need this. It is completely necessary for my future happiness.


I think the bench in the middle totally completes this. Also, when/if they sell the house, it can be counted as an attic bedroom. I think the only thing better than this would be a similar setup on the same floor as the master suite… my knees aren’t too great with stairs.



  Original post can be found here.


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I love love love that!!! If only I had enough clothes to need a closet that big. Lol. I was watching an interior design show or something (can’t remember for sure) and they had something similar to this, but they had a spiral staircase in the corner of the master suite that went up to the attic/closet. I just think that’d be so cool. But, I can totally understand the no stairs thing, especially if your knees don’t like stairs.

Comment by triing2survive

I’ve seen something like that, too. I remember loving it :) I think the spiral staircase thing is so charming. I would love something like that!

Comment by kathelldorfer

It is indeed very charming. and all the memorabilia is very intriguing. I don’t know about this as a set up for keeping clothes, it is a big room and rooms gather dust so all those clothes will have a film on the shoulders of each blouse and jacket and sweater… That can happen even in small closets closets kept closed and tight.
Just saying, Ain’t SAYING.

Comment by susan

You’re a RUINER. Now I’ll never be completely happy with my imaginary attic closet!

Comment by kathelldorfer

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