now is a good time to panic


So I was messing around on the interwebz and I found something neat. It’s not super exciting like toffee chocolate covered pretzels, but it’s lower in calories.

It’s called a travalo. It’s basically an easily refillable small perfume/cologne atomizer. This does not seem exciting. I know. It totally is, though. I put a picture of one in black below, but they come in a dozen or so different colors. As a perfume freak, this is awesome. They’re $20 each and you don’t have to carry the full size bottles of your favorite perfumes with you when you travel.

Personally, I have visions of color coding my favorite perfumes, carrying one in my purse, gym bag, glove compartment… all kinds of places. I’ve never broken a bottle of perfume while traveling, and that’s a record I’d like to maintain. So yes. Seemingly unremarkable on the outside, but such a clever little gadget!

Click here to gaze upon its simple glory.






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Beinf allergic and prone to headaches, i no longer wear perfume or cologne, that’s ok, I have fewer headaches these days.

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