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I start my college class today. It’s the first time I have taken a college class in over 3 years. The last time I took a college class was back in 2008, and it wasn’t because I wanted to be more educated or work towards a degree, I did it as an EPR bullet so that I could get what they call in the Air Force “Below the Zone” (BTZ). For those of you who have no idea what that means, it means that when it’s time for you to be considered, your supervisor writes a super awesome “package” (recommendation) on you and submits it. If everyone else loves you and thinks you’re the best out of the other people you’re competing against, then you get awarded Senior Airman (E-4) Below the Zone, and you get to put that rank on six months early. Just so you know, I won below the zone. What can I say…I’m pretty much a badass/big deal/the big kahuna, whatevs.

Anywho. So besides that Intro to Sociology class I took back in the day, this one is English Composition 107. I’m super excited about starting school, but bummed that this class won’t count towards a CCAF (Community College of the Air Force). This class is actually a pre-req to the English class that will count towards my CCAF Associates, so I’m working on getting there.

I’m not the best in school. One of my biggest fears is failing. I believe because of that fear in high school, mixed with having a part time job, caused me to somehow not ever really want to try hard instead of persevering. That and I swear I have ADD, I still think I do, but it seems to only happen on tasks I’m not interested in so I don’t know. I really really hope that I can finally use this class as my motivation to do well and prove it to myself that I have what it takes to do well in school. I plan on getting out of the military October 2013, so I have just a little over a year to obtain my CCAF before I get out and move into an actual classroom setting.

Here’s my “dream” for now. Obtain my CCAF before I separate from active duty October 2013. Get accepted into the Art Institute of Tucson’s Fashion Marketing BA program, get my degree in that while working part time doing retail to gain experience. Have my portfolio together so that I can move on to becoming a stylist, a fashion buyer at a major dept store (Macy’s, Saks, or Neiman Marcus would be awesome!), or open up my own boutique. Whatever I do, it will be fashion. It’s my life and there is nothing besides my husband and dog that bring such joy to my life than fashion.

I will do it dammit! I just gotta stay focused. Those of you who have a degree or going to school, what are some of your ideas on how to best study or avoid procrastination? Help a sister out!


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I have serious ADD but managed to be successful with a job full of deadlines and 4-5 hours sleep each night.
-Ideas for studying: rise early and work on your writing before everyone else awakes and distracts you.
-Lay out all your materials before you go to bed so as soon as you wake, flip the coffee maker to “on ” and settle in to work. Don’t just stack your stuff in a pile up – lay them out- books open, computer on but sleeping set to the place you need.
-Ignore all other tasks that call to you, do exactly what you planned.
-Do not wait until the morning a writing piece is due to finish it. You need at least 24 hours lead time so you can let it rest, Then, when your brain has worked on other tasks and is refreshed, return do a final revision and smooth out any awkward language. It may make the difference between an A and B.
-Find a friend who will do a final proof reading session to catch any mistakes.
-This is a big one for staying organized–Keep a journal; write & date every entry – write everything down, carry it with you wherever you go. Since you are an artist, consider the journals with lines on one side and blank page on the other. I like to settle in and draw if I’m waiting. I keep a pen. drawing pencil, gum eraser and piece of sandpaper in a little sleeve so I’m either ready to write- notes, brainstorm lists of ideas, revise something I started whenever, where ever.
-when you receive an assignment, be sure to get the due date- mark it on your calender- or enter it into you cell…
-Make sure you understand what you have to do, If you are not shy, raise your hand, repeat the assignment the way you understand it to the instructor while you are still in class. I can’t tell you how many times a professor rattled off an assignment, I raised my hand and repeated it and he immediately realized he was unclear.
-review your notes often so you are familiar with the assignment and don’t take off in the wrong direction and have to redo. You can do this!!
Good luck!!

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