now is a good time to panic

12 August 2012, 12:00 pm
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I’ve been thinking of switching this blog to posting every other day instead of daily. Any thoughts? I actually have a lot more subscribers than I thought I would get, and I’d love to know if you guys actually enjoy the daily emailed posts or if they’re a bit too frequent.

I’m begging you, let me know what you think! I value your input. You clearly like me (or just my writing, which is okay too) enough to come and read my loony obsessive ramblings, so you get a vote :)


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You are awesome!! I love your posts…

Comment by Katie

I say if you’re getting tired of posting every day, then switch it to every other day. I will enjoy your posts however often you choose to post. I think it is awesome that you post every day. I’m in awe that you can think of enough stuff to post every day. Haha!

Comment by triing2survive

Loony obsessive ramblings, not you!
Just teasing, I am never bored. Go to every other day or continue on daily, make yourself happy. This blog is completely under your control. if it arrives I read it. If not, I wait!

Comment by susan

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