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bus stop creeper

So I recently got a discount bus pass from the VA. It’s for a year and instead of costing $2.50 for a one way trip, I paid $2.50 a month in advance for a year long pass.

Of course there’s a drawback; the bus near Barbara’s house only runs on weekdays from 0600-0800 and 1400-1800. If I need to travel to or return from somewhere outside of those times (or god forbid, on a weekend), then I need to walk 45 minutes to the highway bus stop. It’s not a million mile walk or anything, but it’s hard on my back, and at night it’s unsafe.

I had to go downtown on Saturday morning, and caught a ride from Barbara out to the highway bus stop. When I arrived, there was an older man sitting there, in his 70s. He was a local, had a prosthetic leg, and was sitting on one of the two benches with an empty wheelchair parked beside him. We’ll call him Jerry. No particular reason for the name Jerry- he just looked like a Jerry to me. He was clearly stoned out of his gourd, and I think he was drinking as well. Jerry had a very strong Hawaiian accent, and that combined with his inebriation and highness made him damned near impossible to understand.

Jerry struck up a conversation with me, and I tried my best to be polite. He asked questions about my tattoos, about what music I liked, about where I was from… all of which had to be repeated a few times until I understood, and all of which received a terse reply from yours truly. He kept scooting closer and closer to me with every weird question, making me progressively more uncomfortable. Finally he busted out with the granddaddy of them all… he informed me that his apartment was just up the block and asked me if I wanted to come over. Before I could freak out, I was saved.

We were interrupted by a reasonably attractive guy in his late twenties or early thirties that was dressed for the beach. He walked up and got between me and Jerry and treated me like we were together. I got a half hug and a kiss on the cheek and a ‘Hey, beautiful! Sorry I kept you waiting!’. Then he started talking about how he was taking a sick day from work so that we could go to the beach together. Eventually a teenager came to load Jerry into his wheelchair and cart him away. Jerry wasn’t even waiting for the bus! Wtf was he doing there?

I thanked the beach bum profusely and he said that his girlfriend told him that Jerry was there often, and when he saw him talking to me and the look on my face, he thought he’d help out. I’m SO GLAD that he did. The whole incident was just gross. Frankly, I’m amazed that Jerry thought he had that much game. I mean, really? Really.


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There are creepers like that in downtown Salt Lake right around where I work. On a daily basis, I can walk out of my office building and see all the weirdies and homeless people of downtown. The train system that is downtown is free for certain areas and so all the creepers and homeless people ride that area all day long. Hence, why I don’t take the bus/train if I can help it. I feel your pain my dear. Thank God for the beach bum dude.

Comment by triing2survive

some people find themselves so irresistible, they find it unfathomable others don’t fell the same. I know, it is strange, but true.

Comment by susan

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