now is a good time to panic

chocolate covered pretzels

Okay, welcome to today’s post about some more awesome shit. I know that you can order pretty much anything through the mail. I have sent many a Mother’s Day bouquet through ProFlowers and it was easy to do and made my mom happy.

Did you know you can do the same thing with GOURMET CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS?! When I found the site for Dylan’s Candy Bar, I was SO EXCITED. (Full disclosure: I’m pretty sure I drooled on myself a little bit when I realized they come in toffee flavor, because we all know that toffee is the best flavor of absolutely everything ever.)

Is this not the most delicious looking shit you have ever seen in your entire life? Seriously, people. Seriously. Click on the link or pick up the phone and spend $24 to make someone you love fat and happy. I got chocolate covered strawberries in the mail once and I was deliriously happy for like two weeks straight. Trust me on this.


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Oh dear!!! Those looks SOOOOO good!

Comment by triing2survive

Don’t I know it! I think I drooled on myself when i saw the toffe and chocolate ones. My mouth is watering as I type this lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

I think I may have meant to comment on this earlier but forgot…

Sometimes I catch the bus home right outside of Dylan’s. Surprisingly, I’ve only been in there maybe 10 times. It’s super pricey and once you’re in there, you don’t leave unless you spend at least $20 for like a pound of candy. So, I just don’t go in…but the store is uh-may-zing! You turn into, I mean literally, a kid in a candy store ;)

Comment by ifUseekAmy

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