now is a good time to panic


There’s a beach here on Oahu that looks like a Corona commercial. It’s named Lanikai. Lanikai used to be a local secret, but recently there have been several write-ups declaring it one of the US’s most beautiful beaches. …so now the tourists are taking it over. It used to be deserted during the week and only populated with a handful of locals on the weekends. Alas, those days are gone.


Danny had not yet been to Lanikai, so we took a Sunday afternoon field trip. It was a gorgeous day outside and since it’s not an official beach park, we had to find roadside parking close to one of the hidden walkways leading down to the water. The first picture is of our street parking and the second is of one of the few hidden entrances. Pictures three and four are of Danny at the entrance. (Not looking his sexiest, but you know. Ladies, feel free to request a better pic in the comments. I’ll talk him into it.) The last picture was taken while sitting on the Disney Cars towel that Danny lent me. The water was refreshingly cool and it was beautiful outside.


The islands in the distance can be reached via rented paddleboat. The sand is like powdered sugar, and the water is a clear sapphire blue. Oahu has 227 miles of shoreline, and precious little of it is this gorgeous. I can’t blame the tourists for wanting to invade.








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It is a disappointment when strangers descend on a perfectly private place and turn it into a tourist destination who in turn create a littered stretch of slum. As you dear father would say and knowing you – you would likely agree, “I hate people.”
What can you do? You don’t want to spend your next 50 years incarcerated on death row or living on the fringes of society- you are much too social for that. Remember the days you jumped right in for beach cleanups, leaf raking for the elderly, feeding the homeless? Well welcome the island to the concept of Beach Beauty Preservation- only bivalves and fishes and crabs with a pleasant disposition are welcome. Stop giggling!! you know you like it!

Comment by susan

I love it. Thankfully the tourists haven’t completely taken over yet. It was a lot nicer before those articles were written, though. I’m sure that everyone that lives there doesn’t appreciate all the tourists trashing their backyards. It would be worse if the entrances to the beach weren’t so hard to find.

Comment by kathelldorfer

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