now is a good time to panic

whiskey and ice cream

Hello, my people! Welcome to today’s episode of awesome shit. Today we’re covering something amazing called Fireball Whisky. Have you ever heard of this shit? IT’S EFFING AMAZING.

Before I begin, I need to put something out there. I am not typically a heavy drinker. Beyond a few beers at a weekend BBQ or a Redbull/vodka at an open bar, I’m pretty girly when I choose to imbibe. I typically stick to things that are damned near impossible to get drunk on; drinks like Moscato, Amaretto sours, Malibu and pineapple juice. You know. Things like that. Whiskey is so far beyond my normal experience that I normally don’t even consider it. I don’t have a lot of hard and fast rules in life, but a strong one for me is that I don’t put anything in my mouth that smells like a homeless guy. That typically goes for whiskey.


My friend Danny and I recently went to see the movie Ted. *side note/fun fact about Ted: did you know that Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple that they had to airbrush out when he did his Calvin Klein ads? What a juxtaposition of weird and sexy. Recently he declared that he won’t have it surgically removed because he ‘kind of likes it’.

After the movie we decided to kill the remainder of his bottle of Fireball. We began with shots and progressed to milkshakes. We found a recipe on Fireball’s website called ‘Fire and Ice Cream’. It consists of milk, Fireball Whisky, and vanilla ice cream. Throw it in a blender and enjoy your delicious concoction.  It was fabulous.


Official recipe!

1.5 oz Fireball

3 scoops vanilla ice cream

1/2 c of milk

splash of vanilla extract

Blend that shit up and enjoy.


(full disclosure: I’m pretty sure that Danny put a hell of a lot more than 1.5 oz of liquor into our milkshakes. Just so you know. Do not feel mandated to be stingy with the booze just because the recipe says so.)

Stay tuned for more Danny in tomorrow’s post. You know you want him. All women do.



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Well i have to admit the whiskey is really good but I can see that getting drunk off this stuff could induce fire vomit!! Be careful and keep a fire ext. handy!! Xoxo

Comment by kathy

I’m not a huge whiskey drinker either, unless it’s a whiskey sour. I’ve heard of Fireball Whiskey, but never had it. This ice cream sounds SO good though.

Comment by triing2survive

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