now is a good time to panic


My mom has a green thumb. A VERY green thumb. The house my parents own has a large yard, and she has cultivated an herb garden, a rose garden (which was destroyed by Hurricane Isabelle), a lavender zen meditation garden, and the front yard is gorgeous and full of hydrangeas and a swing with climbing roses and all kinds of stuff.

Meanwhile, I cannot even keep a cactus alive. Is it a genetic anomaly? The last plant I had even a bit of success with was a basil plant. It produced plenty of delicious basil for caprese for a few months, then somehow ants decided that the roots are a delicacy and destroyed the poor little guy.

I’m so sorry, little basil plant. You were a good plant. Your leaves were supple and tender and tasted wonderful with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic glaze. I miss you, and it’s terrible that you were eaten alive by ants.

Comic is courtesy of Natalie Dee. You should go check her out. She is hilarious. Also her husband, at Toothpaste For Dinner. I can’t decide which of them I like more, but I’ve been a fan of them both for years and years. They will make you laugh.




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Don’t you say sweet things about your dear mother. I love having such a talented daughter.

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