now is a good time to panic

would anybody like some hand sanitizer?

In Japan, there’s a place called the Izu Peninsula. It’s where all the surfers go to hang out, and there’s a thriving fishing community. When I was stationed at Yokota in Japan, I made friends with a retiree named Bill. He was the nicest guy ever, and told me that once a month or so, he would rent a van and drive down to Izu to load a cooler with seafood and visit a ladyfriend. He told me that I was welcome to hitch a ride with him and invite friends. He’d do the driving and drop us off at the beach, pick us up at the end of the day, and we’d throw in to help cover the cost of the van and gas.

Naturally, I immediately got some people together. Our friend Mike W sat up front with Bill. In the next row of seats were me and Mike M, who I was dating at the time. In the back seat was Danny (of our recent baked potato soup night) and my friend Garcia. On our way down there, we decided to stop for breakfast and a bathroom break at McDonald’s. We got our food to go and piled back in the van. Bill pulled back into traffic and before we started eating, Garcia pulled out a gallon pump jug of off-brand hand sanitizer that was clearly stolen from the hospital that we worked at and asked if anybody needed some. The Mike that I was dating turned around and just stared at him, mouth hanging open.

The rest of us were completely speechless… but not for long. This incident was in like 2008 and we STILL make fun of Garcia. Where was he keeping that hugemangous pump bottle? How did he smuggle it into the van with none of us noticing? Was it kiester stashed? Why was it necessary to bring an entire gallon of hand sanitizer? A small squeeze bottle would have worked just as well. How much was he planning on using? What activities was he planning on engaging in that would require that much hand sanitizing?

The rest of our day was nice. We found a small cozy restaurant and had a delightful lunch, and screwed around on the beach and in the caves for a while. By the time Bill came back to get us, we were all exhausted. It was a great day, but the hand sanitizer incident was the one part that will be stuck in all of our minds forever. Well, until senility sets in. Then we’ll have no idea why the thought of hand sanitizer makes us laugh.


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There are some days that are unforgettable. They deserve to be told and retold again and again. That’s important for keeping that experience alive in your memory. Of course each time you tell it, it gets a little better and that’s okay.

Comment by susan

Bill was great for driving us up there. I’m forever grateful to have stories like that to tell. lol.. keister stashed haha! -Mike W

Comment by Mike Watson

My favorite is Garcia’s video where Danny threw a log into the water and you can hear him behind the camera saying ‘You built a dam. You’re awesome. That’s why you work CE’ It kills me every time.

Comment by kathelldorfer

Lol! I’ve seen that size of hand sanitizer at like industrial supply stores. Good Lord that’s alot of hand sanitizer for a day trip with 4 people.

Comment by triing2survive

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