now is a good time to panic

olympic fever

How exciting are the Olympics?! I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to catch all of the opening ceremony, but between the news highlights and what I did see of them, they seemed pretty legit. From what I gathered from friends on Facebook, they either loved it or hated it. What were your thoughts?!

The Olympics in my opinion is such a wonderful opportunity for the world to unite, put all problems aside for two weeks and show their patriotism for their country. What’s not to love when you’re watching people who are amongst the best in their sport?! Although the summer Olympics are every four years, can you imagine the time, effort, and heart that these people put into perfecting their sport during that four year break? Some I know seem a little “that’s an Olympic sport?” But none-the-less, yes it’s a legit sport and those people love it. They love it so much they eat, sleep and breathe it.

Another thing I love is when it comes time for the national anthem to play to pay respect to that person’s country who won the gold medal. It’s so interesting to hear what other countries anthems are. Not only that but I know for myself the overwhelming sense of pride I feel whenever I hear the Star Spangled Banner, so to hear another countries song that renders such emotion and pride is such a neat thing to see.

I was asked the other day if I could do any Olympic sport, what would it be? Most people I’ve asked have said something that has to do with Gymnastics, so since that seems to be a general consensus, I will ask what would be your pick? My second choice would have to be probably the white water sports. Imagine the ripped up body they must have! Using every single arm, back, and torso muscle God gave them. Yeah…I’ll take me one of them please! Although Volleyball is my favorite sport to play, I’m choosing a sport based on something I wish I knew how to do, so yes…white water sports is my pick.

Anyhow. I hope you enjoy this two weeks of universal camaraderie. Every day I turn on the TV when I get home from work and no matter what’s on I get so excited. Have fun peeps!



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Sadly I haven’t had time to watch hardly any Olympics this year. I caught a little bit of the mens synchronized diving tonight as well as the mens floor excercises for gymnastics, but that’s it. I have it all on my DVR, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll get to it. I agree with you, I think listening to other countries national anthems are very fascinating. As for what sport would I like to do in the Olympics? Obviously, I’d like to do the triathlon, but I would like to do diving. I am SO fascinated by it. It’s just…wow!

Comment by triing2survive

The Olympics are quite wonderful. since I am not at all good at any sports on Terra firma, I would have to pick a water sport- synchronized swimming would be my first. Second, swimming any stroke but the

Comment by susan

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