now is a good time to panic


I have a confession to make. I’m homeless. There is plenty to explain, so hang on to your Mad Dog 20/20.

I moved to Hawaii to be with my boyfriend. He was Hawaiian and ended up getting stationed here at Hickam AFB. When he deployed in December, Kaiser the Wonderdog and I went to stay with our friends, Kathy and Jeff. In February, we broke up and I stayed with Kathy and Jeff until the beginning of May.

In May I was invited to stay with a friend named Pam, and her husband, also named Jeff. I lived there for almost a month, until her husband flipped out on me and I was told I had to leave the next day. It was explained that having me around was stressing him out because they hadn’t had anyone in their house for 10 years… so I got less than 12 hours notice to gtfo. Which was awesome.

I tried to go home to see my parents by catching a military hop. I tried for a week and was staying with another friend during that time. Because I’m a retiree, my status was so low that I had absolutely no chance of actually getting on a plane. I didn’t even make the stand by lists. My friend’s husband complained after four days that since I was around, he wasn’t getting laid, so I had to go stay in the terminal until I could get a hop. I was actually relieved to be leaving, because my friend was the Sara of a previous post, and her crazy behavior was just continuing. I had her drop me off at the terminal, and when I didn’t make that flight, I called my friend Barbara for help.

This is the last friend here on the island that I can turn to. I’m living in her garage, and helping her out by cooking and babysitting and whatever else I can think of to make myself useful. Things are rough for me right now, because I know that at any time, I could be asked to leave. I can’t afford to buy a plane ticket, and if I have to leave here, I’ll end up in a homeless shelter.

Since I’m retired, I’m living on an extremely limited income. Once I get my letter from HQ USAF approving me to start taking classes, I’ll be making an extra $500/mo, and that will help out a lot. A LOT. I’ve been waiting for over, two months for it, though, and whenever I call them, they just inform me that they’re backlogged. Which does not help.

I applied for social security, but I’m getting the ‘backlogged’ thing from them, too. Very frustrating.

This was hard for me to write, and extremely personal. It’s something I felt should be told, though. When you think of a homeless person, you think of an old guy with out of control facial hair and body odor, who is panhandling with a 40oz of malt liquor in his hand. There are a lot of different people that have been put in difficult situations, though, and I thought that telling my story would help a little bit with that perception.

I overheard some guys at the VA talking about how they love being homeless. They live in tents and panhandle and were saying that they enjoy living without having to answer to anybody else. Really? Sorry, but I like hot showers, and being able to charge my kindle, and an actual roof over my head. Call me crazy.


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Oh my heck! I’m SO sorry Katie! Even though I’m a loong ways away in Utah, is there anything I can do to help you? Seriously, I’ll do whatever I can to try and help you. I can only imagine how stressful this is.

Comment by triing2survive

You’re so sweet, but thank you, I’m all right. I’ve just been trying to be less guarded with my posts about my life. Trying to be honest, and maybe raise a bit of awareness about things. Like my get all up in there posts and my validation posts :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

Well…we could use a live in nanny/chef…if you want to live in Japan for 14 months….

Comment by Christa N Jason Premo

Hahaha thanks, Christa. That’s kind of what I’m doing now, and it’s definitely not my thing. I like children… as long as they belong to other people and I’m only around them for short periods of time. Also, the visa issues would be a nightmare. You’re so thoughtful, though :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

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