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orange creamsicle shot

Welcome to more awesome shit. Barbara took me out for my birthday and the bartender made me a celebratory birthday shot. To be honest, he made me about nine or ten celebratory birthday shots. They tasted just like the orange creamsicles that were one of my favorite frozen summer treats. To be honest, they still are. This adult version is a bit more appropriate for a night out on the town, though.


Ready for the recipe? Come on, you know I won’t leave you hanging. Of COURSE I’m going to share the recipe!


Take a cocktail shaker. Dump a cup of ice into it along with

– a shot of vanilla vodka

-a shot of triple sec

-1/2 oz orange juice

-a shot of cream

Shake that shit up and strain into a glass. IT’S AMAZING.


I did some research (googling) and I found two other versions. One is a bit more masculine, and the other is a low calorie version. Since I love my readers more then is probably appropriate, here are both of the other recipes. They both have the same shaker-with-ice-then-strain-and-drink setup, but the ingredients are different


Unisex (not as sweet):

– 3/4 oz vanilla vodka

-1/2 oz ginger ale

-splash of orange juice


Low calorie:

– shot of vanilla vodka

– 1/8 packet of Crystal Light Orange Sunrise

-splash of water or orange juice


Enjoy, and have an extra shot for me at your BBQs this summer :)


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I would be frightened to death to mix even one. You got your creamsicle gene from me! I could not be in the same room with a bottle of vanilla vodka!

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