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geese are evil
22 July 2012, 8:30 am
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Someone told me a few years ago that she was deathly afraid of geese. When she was eight, her older brother took her to the local park. The park had a lake. The lake had geese. Homicidal geese. She tried to feed them some bread, and apparently a goose (or a gander, who the hell knows) had delicate sensibilities in regards to fashion. Specifically, her goosedown parka. It jumped her for her coat.

Picture a panicked eight year old, screaming while running for her little life, being chased by an angry goose. The goose is loudly honking, wings aflapping, and doing a sprint-waddle as fast as it can. It caught hold of her jacket and attacked, honking loudly. She managed to extricate herself from her coat and booked it for the parking lot, finally locking herself in the family car… all as her older brother rolled on the ground in hysterics. The jacket was shredded beyond recognition and she never went back to the park again. Her brother reportedly laughed so hard that he wet his pants. Just a little.



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You are so right. Geese do not have a good reputation as pets. They tend to be nasty and territorial. I have never encouraged geese to take up residence at our pier or in our yard. I am happiest when they keep their distance.

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