now is a good time to panic

myah’s baby blanket

My friend Melissa had a baby girl recently, and for her little baby Myah I skipped the traditional pink and yellow and made her a supersoft purple and white baby blanket. The little zoomed in part is a heart and crossbones- I put it on all my crochet projects. I think it imparts a little of my funkiness into the gift and it’s more subtle than those 2×4 inch tags you see sewn on homemade presents that are all ‘HAND MADE WITH LOVE BY KATIE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND THIS PRESENT IS FULL OF LOVE AND STUFF’ or whatever. I’ve seen some really cute little ones in Etsy shops that you can get custom made… but that costs money. So. Heart and crossbones it is. Consider it a signature. Because I’m entirely that awesome. 




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You are sweet to express your joy with a handmade gift; it is the deepest expression of affection.

Comment by susan

…affection and being broke lol :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

Keep rocking the granny square.

Comment by Jo

You know it! Wait until you see my most recent one… You and Jess will be SO FREAKING PROUD of me. :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

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