now is a good time to panic

get all up in there! part II

I’m amazed that you all are back. I know yesterday’s post was a bit… graphic. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t lost any subscribers after my overshare yesterday morning. That just illustrates exactly how freaking awesome you all are.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was telling that story for a reason. We’re going to talk about some cooter issues. In order to have the wildly high-maintenance sort of kitty that I happen to possess, a lot of stuff needs to happen.

 First, you need to develop some cervical dysplasia. This is awesome, and a whole lot of fun. It means that you have abnormal (typically pre-cancerous) cells on your cervix and stems from a certain kind of strain of HPV. HPV stands for human papilloma virus. HPV is transferred through sexual contact, but it’s not like if you’re acting all slutty, you’ll get it. A ton of men are carriers. Remember in high school health class when they told you that if you have sex with someone, you’re also having sex with every other person that they’ve ever been with prior to you? Gross, I know.

There are certain things that increase your risk factor for HPV. Such as having sex. Ever. That’s going to definitely put you in the running. The more sexual partners you have, the higher your chances. Also, your risks are much higher if you disregard condoms, smoke cigarettes, ingest less than 300 milligrams of vitamin c per day (500 is your recommended daily amount, btw), give birth before age 16, have low folate levels in your blood, are on birth control pills for five years or more, and you started having sex before the age of 18.

That’s a long list. The numbers available in regards to how many women have HPV vary radically. The estimates start around 25-30% and go all the way up to 90%. There are over 100 different strains of HPV, so you can see how pinning down specific numbers can get a bit confusing. The kind that we’re talking about today have numbers that hold steady around 80%. 80%!

Like (we think) 80% of women out there, I have HPV. It’s not a big deal, and doesn’t actually affect my life at all… except when I have my women’s health appointments. They the doctors get all panicky because they find a ton of abnormal, pre-cancerous cells. For some reason, my body is determined to ensure that I have cervical cancer. That’s not cool, body. Not cool at all.

I don’t smoke, hardly ever drink, (try to) work out regularly, eat healthily, and don’t engage in risky behavior (unless you count driving in Hawaii- that’s ridiculously risky here). You’d think that my lady bits could help me out a little here and quit with the cancer-making. For real.

I’ve found that the shorter I keep my posts, the better feedback I receive, so this will be continued tomorrow. Have a super Wednesday!


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i had no idea 30-90% of women are vulnerable to HPV. I am grateful you are so well educated on the ins and outs of your body. Foolish women ignore the signs at their own peril.

Comment by susan

I’ve heard of HPV before, but I didn’t know any of those stats. That’s actually quite interesting news. Haven’t they come out with a vaccine for HPV? Would that make any difference in your situation?

Comment by triing2survive

They have come out with a vaccine, but it’s only for a few specific kinds- there are 113 different kinds of HPV. It doesn’t work if you already have it. The doctor actually told me today that since I’ve had so many LEEPS and biopsies and things, he thinks that the HPV might actually be gone now- isn’t that crazy? Reminds me of my friend Theresa. Her aunt was lactose intolerant and also anemic. After so many blood transfusions throughout her life, she’s no longer lactose intolerant. She eats ice cream every single night before bed now lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

Wow!!! That would be REALLY cool if you didn’t have HPV any more. I think it is just mind blowing that there are 113 different kinds.

Comment by triing2survive

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