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abbey gets gay(er)


I haven’t had anything interesting happen this week so I thought this would be a good time for me to take time and talk about Katie. As you all know she is a pretty awesome person and is very open to talking about her life. It takes a very strong person to share their own life with people you may or may not know. It’s half courage and half crazy to be able to hit that submit button not knowing what kind of reaction you’re going to get.
Moving on. I met Katie at my first duty station in Japan. I met through her a mutual female friend that I have lost contact with. Although I lost contact with her, about the best thing that mutual friend did for me was introduce me to Katie. I never knew what the true feeling and meaning of a best friend really was until I met her. I have lots of close friends, but Katie was one of the first best friends that I realized she was beyond just a close friend. I had found a soul sister. I was already that person that was full of life and fun to be around, but Katie always brought out the best in me. We were like Forest and Jenny, peas and carrots. Once we became close friends there was never really a time we went longer than a day without seeing each other. If we did it was only because we were on leave or on a trip somewhere. Other than that, we were a duo…a two’fer if you will. If I was invited somewhere, Katie automatically was invited by me whether other people liked it or not. It wasn’t always fun and games because while I was at Yokota I had definitely endured some hardships. The death of two grandparents and the separation of my parents.


Not only could Katie and I have the best of times, but in times of need she was there for me too. If I was in need of a hug, she would be there with open arms and not care if my non-waterproof mascara would bleed on her shirt, b/c she knew I needed her. We were fortunate enough to be roomed in the dorms just literally two rooms down from each other, so needless to say there were lots of times when I would come busting in Kramer-style full of craziness to say, and she would listen, put her two cents in, and laugh with me as well.
After I left Yokota, Katie and I did lose contact for a bit. Being in the military it happens sometimes because time zones, schedules, and everything in between just takes up your time. Never once did I worry if we would ever lose contact or just not be friends anymore due to distance, because I knew that eventually we would find that time to connect again and it would be as if nothing even happened. In my opinion that’s the meaning of a true friendship. Katie and I have re-connected again and we talk weekly now. I love this girl to death and if you all ever had the opportunity to meet her, you would not be disappointed. She’s a great cook and has great style and personality, and if you treat her and the people she cares for with respect, I guarantee you will have a friend for life.
Katie…K-nasty…I love the shit outta you! In the words of the song from Toy Story “You’ve got a friend in me”…for life! Thank you for being one of the first people I met (after high school) that helped me find who I was and what kind of person I was meant to be. You definitely played a part in the Abbey I am today, and I’m truly thankful. Thank you for always allowing me to be as crazy as I wanted whether you were laughing with me or at me, but thank you for laughing and not criticizing. You are the bomb!!
All my love,



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Ok I’m jealous I live in the same state and I don’t even get weekly talks with the Most Awesome person I know!! (U silly) Love you Katie and keep kicking ass!!

Comment by kathy

That’s my girl, one of a kind, unforgettable and unpredictable, but never, ever boring! Ya’ gotta love her; I do!

Comment by susan

Well, I get it all from somewhere… we all know 98% of my ridiculousness comes from dad.

Comment by kathelldorfer

That is awesome! I think in today’s world it’s very rare to find a friend like that. Too many people are in it for themselves, ya know? Even though I haven’t met you Katie, or Abbey, you both sound like AMAZING people. Maybe one day…

Comment by triing2survive

I promise that if I ever go to Utah, I will make it happen :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

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