now is a good time to panic

helpful suggestions, my ass

I love clicking on the little ‘friends you may know’ link on facebook. I never know 98% of those people, and the 2% that I DO know, I haven’t ‘friended’ for a reason. That reason is usually because they suck.


HOWEVER. I do very much enjoy scrolling through all the pictures of sexy men that fb thinks I should be friends with. Good looking out, fb. You’ve consolidated all the internet male hotness into one tiny little scroll bar. My 10th grade biology partner liked a link that some dreamboat also liked, so you think the dreamboat and I should be friends. I fully support this idea.


ALSO. All the hot guys I went to high school with are EVEN HOTTER. How is that even possible? The girls are the same, though. The sucky hosebeasts are still supersluts, and the awesome ones are still pretty goddamned awesome… if not more so. Once in a while, I see some guy from high school that was a jackbag then and- surprise!- is STILL a complete jackbag. He just has a job and bills now.


Anyway, I digress. My point is thanks, fb. You’re super. I appreciate my eye candy. Unfortunately, I’m neither desperate enough nor creepy enough to send random friend requests to dudes just because they are hot. I have some self esteem, thankyouverymuch. Well, kind of. Enough to not stoop to all of that nonsense, anyway.


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I love reading these especially rational moments of sanity you exhibit.

Comment by susan

Enjoy them… they’re few and far between ;)

Comment by kathelldorfer

At least you have pictures of hot guys to look at. Most of the people that are suggested for me are old people that are in my neighborhood or that my mom & dad know. Lol.

Comment by triing2survive

I’ll start ‘suggesting’ friends for you for the sole purpose of gazing upon male perfection once a day… maybe then your right hand sidebar will be as magical and wondrous as mine is ;)

Comment by kathelldorfer

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