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the story you’ve been waiting for

I’ve changed names to protect the utterly guilty… Here is my story. This all happened at the end of June, so it’s pretty recent.

On my friend Sara’s birthday (it was her Dirty 30), we went out. She got drunk as hell at the club we were at and was flirting with guys to get drinks, because we didn’t have any money. I only got in because my friend was working security and she got us in without a cover. Sara hooked up with some ugly ass Indian guy (Rasheem, Rasheed, Rajeen… something) and refused to let me call her husband to come pick us up. REFUSED. I thought she was going to start screaming at me in the street when I tried to talk her into it. She told me that this creepy guy had pot and that we’re going to go back to his place to smoke. I didn’t want to smoke, and I sure as shit didn’t want to hang out with some weirdo who’s feeling up my married friend in the middle of the sidewalk, but nobody asked me.


Earlier, while babysitting Sara at the club, I had made a friend named Timothy that is in the Army Rangers and now I begged him to come to this guy’s house with us because I didn’t want to be alone with him and Sara. Timothy had to go feed homeless people at like 0600 and it’s already 0400 at this point, but he agreed to come with us. (I’m also trying to get on the flight leaving out the next day, and have to be there for the 0930 roll call) We get to this dude’s place and shit is out-of-control creepy. I say that I want to get some food, so I grab my wallet and phone and Timothy and I leave. We drive to the 24 hour Ono Cheesesteaks about two miles away (according to my GPS) and while I’m waiting for my food, Timothy leaves. Now I’m all alone in a bad part of Waikiki (a VERY bad part… I shouldn’t even be sitting in Ono by myself), so I call Sara. I tell her that this Indian dude needs to get her to where I am so I can call her husband for our ride home. It’s not like I can call him to come and get me… where am I going to say she is? Humping some stranger in exchange for drugs? Hell, no. If her marriage is going to be destroyed, it’s not me that will cause it. She’s already doing a pretty good job, herself.


So I call Sara and the phone just keeps ringing and ringing. I’m sitting alone in downtown Waikiki (not the nice touristy part) with no money, no car, and an almost dead cell phone battery. I have no idea where I’m at, and I’m getting upset. As I’m sitting there, my phone rings and it’s Sara. I tell her that ole boy needs to drive her to me so we can go home and she comes right out and tells me that she’s trying to get high and fuck this dude. I was all ‘SARA. NO. You’re going to regret this tomorrow. Just come over here because I want to GO THE FUCK HOME. NOW.’ Sara tells me that she’s going to come get me and bring me back to this guys one room studio apartment so they can have sex and I can sit and wait. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. I say something to this effect and she makes some drunk excuses about why she should stay there and I tell her to put the guy on the phone. He gets on and I said ‘you need to come get me. I’m at Ono Cheesesteaks. Then we need a ride home.’  He told me to walk back to where he is and I explain that I’m an unarmed white girl in a very bad part of the city, and I’m not walking two miles through Hawaiian ghetto even if I DID remember where he lives. He goes ‘Yeah, but your friend is cute’ THAT IS YOUR FUCKING ANSWER?! I’m so pissed off. Really? You don’t mind if I get raped and murdered because you want to get your dick wet in some married bitch you JUST FUCKING MET. Oh my Jesus. I didn’t start screaming at him, but I definitely raised my voice and may or may not have slammed the phone on the table pretty hard. Then I hung up on him.


At this point, Timothy walks back in and I almost cry from relief. It turns out that he just had to step out to call his girl friend and say he might be running late for the homeless thing in an hour because he’s helping me out. I told him I thought he left me there and he was like ‘Are you serious? I was even uncomfortable standing outside while you sit in here by yourself’. Then he announced that fuck Sara, I’m coming back to his apartment. He’s going to drop me off while he goes and does his volunteer stuff, but he’ll be back by nine to take me to pick up my luggage from Sara’s house, then take me to the terminal. He took me back to his apartment building, set me up in the bedroom, then left for his volunteer stuff and locked the door behind him. At 0800 I called Sara and told her to get her ass in a fucking taxi or have the creepy guy come get me because I’ve imposed on Timothy enough as it is and I’m not about to have him run me around like my personal chauffeur.


She showed up in a taxi at 0900 (Really? An hour to call a taxi and drive two miles to come pick me up?)  and when I left the bedroom, Timothy was asleep on his couch in the living room. I left a thank you note on his counter, writing that I know he had just met me and I REALLY appreciated his help the previous morning, and that I would hit him up to let him know I got back safely. Once we returned to Sara’s house, I found out that my flight had been cancelled. Sara refused to go to bed, saying that she wasn’t tired and so I just went up by myself. I found out later that she was so high/drunk/tired that she fell asleep sitting out in the back yard. Whatever.

That is the end of my story. I am SO FREAKING LUCKY that I did not get violated and killed (not necessarily in that order). Sara did something similar less than a week after this incident, so I’m currently keeping my distance. I haven’t even gotten an apology for the first time. The whole thing was completely out of control, and I’m definitely not going out with her again.

See why I waited to tell this story? SO. MUCH. TYPING.


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Holy shit!!! That’s scary!!! I’m SO glad you’re ok.

Comment by triing2survive

shit. i am, too. since posting this i’ve gotten three lectures from girl friends about how next time i call them. i don’t know why i didn’t think of it. i guess i was too upset to be rational.

Comment by kathelldorfer

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