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the drive to jail
8 July 2012, 8:30 am
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So my friend’s husband is a counselor at the Wahiawa Correctional Facility. We had to bring him something he forgot and the drive was so awesome that I took pictures. We even saw wild pigs and stuff. They were way cuter than the other wild pigs in this state.



How come the prisoners get such a nice view out in the country and the people that didn’t do anything wrong have to live next to the freeway? I mean, really.


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Wow! That is really pretty. Our correctional facility is right smack-dab next to the freeway.

Comment by triing2survive

that’s where it should be. the prisoners have done noting to deserve mountain views with baby piglets running through lush fields

Comment by kathelldorfer

I agree. That is too beautiful of scenery for prisoners who’ve done who know’s what to land there. Are there really baby piglets? That would make me want one as a pet.

Comment by triing2survive

You are so right! There is no justice when it comes to a beautiful view. Perhaps the beauty willsoften their heart.

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