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abbey’s quilt of valor
2 July 2012, 8:30 am
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Part of my job here in sand land is to receive incoming medical equipment that moves along with patients downrange (iv pumps, defib, ventilator, etc.) and also to ship it out. Last week I received a nice sized shipment from one of our down range accounts. This one was different from the others. Most of the time stuff will come with bubble wrap for cushion or crumpled up paper, well that day I opened up the triwall and what do I pull out in disbelief…a HAND-STITCHED quilt! Not just one, but TWO! I stood there for a few seconds in shock at why anyone would think of this as an acceptable way of using such a heartfelt, thoughtful piece of work. One quilt was a Christmas-themed one with Jesus laying in a manger and the other one was this beautiful red, yellow, and white number with stars and American flags. On the backside of this quilt it read

“Quilt of Valor”

Pieced by Mary Coakley

Quilted by Athyleon Tindall

Sept 2011

I decided that this beautiful quilt needed a proper home, someone who REALLY CARED about this piece of artwork, so that evening I took it home with me. I’m fortunate enough to have a dry cleaning service in my building, so I took it there to have it properly cleaned. I picked it up two days later and it looked like a brand new penny.

This literally was a story of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Although I’m sure Mary and Athyleon will never hear of this story I would like to extend my gratitude to them for the thoughtfulness and time that they put into this wonderful quilt. I know the goal in why they made this was to help make a soldier/airman’s day a little bit brighter, and I feel blessed that I had this quilt fall into my hands. I took some pictures of it so you know what it looks like and can see how pretty it really is. I was so excited to find this, too, because I was looking at buying myself a comforter that had lots of red in it to add some nice color to my side of the room, so this was perfect!

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That is a beautiful quilt. It reminds me of the quilts my grandmother made.

Comment by triing2survive

Great story Abbey. PMI is a challenging and rewarding job at times. I have been in similiar situations several times, but never so lucky to get a hand made quilt. I would get those blue with red trim movers blankets wrapping equipment. You know the blankets that they use to cover and protect furniture in those huge Mayflower trucks. I guess I have to be glad they did not just toss the stuff in the triwall. Keep your chin up out there. We are all proud of you. Sgt P.

Comment by Jose

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