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exhausting children
29 June 2012, 8:30 am
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So yesterday I did not get on a flight. The whole flight situation is ridiculous and I’m tired of dealing with it. When I found out that I wasn’t going to get on the plane my friend Barbara came and got me. She had her kids with her. We ran some errands and eventually came back to her house. I still haven’t left.

There’s something that anyone that spends any amount of time with me is well aware of… I am not a kid person. There are people like my friend Kathy that love kids. LOVE THEM. I am not like her. I’m cool with kids for a little while. There are exceptions, of course. I love Jordan, and… well, that’s about it. Just Jordan. Unless you’re of legal drinking age, I’m not really interested.

So yes. To recap. I’ve been spending half of Wednesday, all of Thursday, and going to be spending all of today with Barbara and the kids. She has three. THREE. Talk about being a slow learner. Her kids are 7, 11, and 14. The two youngest are girls and the eldest is a boy. On Wednesday afternoon Barbara and I went to the pool with the kids to exhaust them… it didn’t work. I was over, so of course they were all hyper and needy for extra attention. Afterwards we came home and I gave Barbara a mani-pedi while the kids ran around outside rode their bikes and fought and argued and begged for attention.

After a while, Barbara’s husband came home (bearing a bottle of Moscato for me and a bottle of red wine for her, wonderful man) and Barbara and I started dinner. We made shish kebabs. They were awesome. Everyone in the house TORE. THEM. UP. Barbara and her husband argued last night at like 11 pm over who got the last three kebabs. Anyway. After dinner I told the girls that if they cleaned their rooms and took showers and all that child stuff they’re supposed to do, I would paint their nails for them. Of course they did, so I did. They went crazy over my nail polish selection (especially the crackle ones) and loved the little one on one pampering sessions. 

I texted Kathy and told her that I was spending the day with four people, only one of which is old enough to vote. She told me to have fun and that I need to relax, because children can smell fear. Thanks, Kathy. Good looking out. Now I’m terrified. It turned out to be pretty fun. Yesterday Barbara and I ran errands (with the kids, of course, because school is out), and we had a nice day. I mean, as nice as it can be with three kids following you around.

I’ve been looking at the flight schedule for outbound hops and they post 72 hours ahead… there is nothing available out to the first. Maybe soon after, but who knows. Barbara thinks that I must be here for a reason, and I should just relax. So now I’m staying with her. We’ll see how it works out. She seems to actually enjoy my company… who knew?

Tomorrow we’re going to try the pool again. Maybe this time it’ll work and they’ll all be asleep by 6 pm.


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I’m the same way. I used to love kids. Now, it takes everything I have to have patience with a kid.

Comment by triing2survive

I’m good until they start whining. Then I want to set them on fire. I’m pretty sure that means that I shouldn’t have any of my own ;)

Comment by kathelldorfer

Good thing you are stuck in such a joyful spot. Close your eyes and smile.

Comment by

lol some days the smile gets a little strained… they’re good kinds, though. this is just reinforcing my decision to not have any myself. it’s excellent birth control

Comment by kathelldorfer

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