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livin the trife life
27 June 2012, 8:30 am
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Cara and I were watching Monster In Law the other night. That shit is RIDICULOUS. I first saw a couple of episodes when I was in Kauai with Chandra and her family, and when it came on I sat right down and leaned forward with my mouth open for like three episodes in a row.


These people are MOTHERFUCKING CRAZYPANTS. Seriously. One episode tonight was like thisclose to a fistfight between some girl and her future mother in law… the son said that they’ve actually come to blows before.  Another woman took over her granddaughter, Lexi, and would turn her against her mom. Really? Trifling ass females.


I used to work with a girl that was pretty out of control herself. Let’s call her Trife. We’re going to call her that because that was what I started calling her and it stuck. She was young, about 20, and a single mom to the cutest little three year old boy ever. EVAR. Too bad she spoiled the shit out of him. I remember one day Trife came to work over an hour late (OVER AN HOUR) because her son didn’t want to go to daycare until Teletubbies was over. 


Just in case that didn’t sink in, let me reiterate. Trife was over an hour late to work because her three year old didn’t want to leave the house until Teletubbies was over.


He’s THREE YEARS OLD. He doesn’t get to have an opinion! Nobody cares! He’s THREE! You’d better get your ass in that car immediately. Another time she said that she didn’t have any food in the house because he didn’t want to go to the grocery store. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Nobody cares what he wants! He’s THREE. Another time the daycare called our office and said she had to either come pick her kid up or bring him shoes because SHE DROPPED HIM OFF WITHOUT SHOES.


She used to tell everyone in our shop that she only joined the military  so she can get a daddy for her baby. I said ‘excuse me?’ and she explained that she’s going to date a military guy, get pregnant again so he’ll marry her and then she can get out of the military and stay at home all day. What is wrong with people? Seriously. If you’re trifling enough to have that ambition, then for God’s sake DON’T TELL ANYBODY. Especially not an entire office of coworkers! Keep that shit to yourself.






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Omg! Trife was somethin else! The stories you and Nicole used to tell me…jayzus!

Comment by alfg610

I wish I could say that this post is full of overblown exaggerations, but I actually downplayed her craziness… I was afraid nobody would believe me if I revealed her in all of her trifling glory lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

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