now is a good time to panic

trapped in paradise

As a retired military member, I’m eligible to fly space available on military flights (called hops). I get two free checked bags at 70lbs each, plus a carry-on and a personal item. The only thing I pay for is the meals, and that’s like $15 before I even board the plane. The only downside is that I’m at the mercy of the military. Since I’m a retiree, I have one of the lowest priorities, so it’s easier for me to get bumped… that is, if the plane even takes off. I’ve been playing the waiting game for three days now.


I’m from St Mary’s County, MD. Ideally, I would catch a hop from Hickam AFB terminal straight to Andrews. It hasn’t been working out, though. I’ve been signing up for any and all flights leaving here and going to wither California, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, or Virginia. Nothing. Every flight going out of here to those five states has been delayed. That wouldn’t be such a huge deal, except that ‘delayed’ turns into ‘postponed’, with turns into ‘cancelled’. I’m getting SO FRUSTRATED. This was only supposed to be a short vacation to see my parents, but at this rate my vacation will be over by the time I even get off of the island.


There are no flights out to any of those places today, but I’m going to try my luck again tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me… I’m going to need it.



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