now is a good time to panic

the fish and chips solution

As previously discussed, Kaiser the Wonderdog has a severe allergy to fleas. I’ve been experimenting with home remedies and am currently trying one that seems to be working. I’ve been taking a half and half solution of cheap white vinegar and water and rubbing it on his fur. Supposedly, fleas hate vinegar. I’m not sure who polled them, but the consensus appears to be correct.

On Thursday I gave Kaiser a haircut and then tried the vinegar/water rubdown. I’ve been repeating the rubdown every night, and I’ve so far only found six fleas on him since then. SIX! Before there were over a dozen at any given moment in time. This is momentous, people. He’s no longer frantically gnawing at his flesh.

The only drawback is that when he comes to snuggle with me in bed, I’ve been craving fish and chips. Constantly. I even dreamed about fish and chips last night. It’s getting out of hand.

Whatever works, though, right? I’ve finally figured out a way to be smarter than the damned fleas.


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You might have to boom your place to get rid of them in your house.

Comment by kristierad

Well, even if we did, the couple I’m staying with has three indoor/outdoor kitties so they’d just bring them back in. The best I can do is protect my kai guy. It’s suck

Comment by kathelldorfer

Pickles is what u should be craving!!!

Comment by kathy

Lol you know mopar would be following him around, trying to lick his head.

Comment by kathelldorfer

Only you have a dog that smells like a salad. Why am not surprised? I tried the almond oil and lavender rub on Grizzy and all it did was help him leave an almond oil shadows on the sofa. the fleas did vacate the sofa, though..

Comment by susan

Almond oil and lavender! Sounds like a delicious spa day. Much better than my salad puppy rub.

Comment by kathelldorfer

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