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a letter from my abbeykins
15 June 2012, 8:30 am
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My bosom friend Abbey is deployed to one of those sweaty countries on the other side of the world right now. She sent me two pictures and an email about her first adventure off post. I found it entertaining, and she told me I could share. Here you go!

PS: I’ve always wanted to call someone a ‘bosom friend’. Writing was as fun as I thought it would be.


My 1st picture is me enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Gulf. It got so windy that anytime I’d bend over to pick up a seashell I was getting what I will dub the “Arabian sand microdermabrasion facial”…UNPLEASANT! I left my shoes out when I went to go in the water and when I got back my shoes were filled with about a quarter cup of sand. Needless to say that shower I took that evening felt wonderful. I had sand in my hair and just dirt all over.


We went to the Souqs after that where I made my first barter over 3 small bottles of perfume oil (Nina Ricci, Issey Miyaki and my own blend of oils). The salesman charged me 80 Riyal for it, so I countered with 75…and I got the deal! Feeling like I had my first victory in the bartering biz, I left with a sense of accomplishment and as a real thrifty shopper. That is until my friend pointed out as he was laughing that going from 80 to 75 Riyal had only saved me about $1.75. “Saved enough money to buy yourself a schwarma” he said. I called him a jerk and said he’s not allowed to come on any more trips.

The second and COOLEST picture of the day is me holding a Falcon. Not far from the Souqs there was a gathering of shops that were all connected, and each one you walked into housed its own set(s) of different kinds of Falcons. In this picture this was about the fourth room we stopped in and the man was nice enough to offer us a chance to hold one, so me being not shy about it and typical American (loud and excited at my chance) I said “I’LL DO IT…!” Guy didn’t charge a thing and it was the coolest thing EVER. I even got to pet it. My meeting with Mr. Falcon was too short lived for me to bestow my own name upon him so I just let it be.


Oh yeah…we should be reaching 120 degree weather any day now. This sucks just for the mere fact that I sweat from neck on down and my face dries up like a prune. Alas, I guess I’m not that perfect. If I can endorse anything while I’m over here it’d be Dove Moisture Nutrient Body Wash, Vasoline Coco Butter lotion (the BIG PUMP kind…I need LOTS of moisture), Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist, The Body Shop Vitamin E line (for dry skin), sunscreen, and sunglasses.

That is all for now. Will write more as I find more excitement and adventures in the land of sand.


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I am so envious. I’ve wanted to have a falcon since I was a kid. The idea of hunting with a bird of prey is so primal! But I guess I’ve reached the age where I have to let go of those unrealistic dreams.
Although… if it comes with that great accessory perch, I could definitely be talked into giving it a whirl!

Comment by Dad

lmao I don’t think that Abbey is included with the purchase of a falcon. She is a model, though, so she might be talked into posing with your new falcon in haute couture a couple of times a year. I knew you’d like her, though… she’s actually a red head. .

Comment by kathelldorfer

That picture of Abbey on the beach is gorgeous! Abbey & that beach are beautiful. That is so cool that she got to hold a falcon. I don’t know if I’d be that brave.

Comment by triing2survive

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