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bath time!
13 June 2012, 8:30 am
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Kaiser the Wonderdog is a superhero. All superheros have their weak spot, though. His kryptonite is fleas. He’s actually allergic to the little bastards. He can’t just get bitten and scratch like other dogs. With one flea bite, he actually gets a rash and tries to chew his skin off just to stop the itching. It breaks my heart to see it.


Summertime is here, and along with summer comes an increase in fleas. Since frontline and advantix and all those don’t do a damn thing for him, I tried some kind of flea/tick killer that you squirt on him and rub into his fur. I was scratching the rash on his back for him when I realized that the spray stuff had actually eaten the nail polish off of my nails. Holy shit. I immediately gave him a bath to get it off and now he’s all better. He had red splotches all over him for another day from the chemicals in that spray, though.  Since nothing is working to keep the fleas off of him, I have to give him a bath every day. I use the special schmancy shampoo from the vet once a week, and the rest of the time I use Hartz oatmeal flea and tick killer doggie shampoo.


When I use the schmancy shampoo from the vet, I need to get him wet, massage it into his fur, and then let it sit for ten minutes before rinsing him off. That way it soothes his skin, too. It helps with the rashes and the itching from the flea bites. Since I’m not about to sit on the side of the bathtub for ten minutes and wait, I bring the dog into the shower with me. I rinse him and then rub the shampoo in, and he sits on the floor of the tub while I take my shower. Showering takes me about ten minutes, so when I’m finished, I rinse him off and then set him free.


While I’m showering he just sits in the bottom of the bathtub and looks pathetic. He won’t even look at me when I call his name or talk to him or anything. I wanted to get pictures so you could see how pitiful he looks, but he refuses to look at me or the camera. This is all I managed to get:




Pathetic, isn’t he? I think that when he’s wet, he looks like something that washed up on the beach after a typhoon. It’s okay, though, because after his bath he looked like this:



All handsome again!


I’m going to have to give him a haircut soon… he’s starting to look like a homeless dumpster dog.


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Ah yes… I remember those days!
But he does clean up nice – and smells better after his bath too.

Comment by Dad

Usually. Now he smells faintly of vinegar. I can’t stop craving fish and chips when he snuggles with me lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

What a cute doggie!!! That sure sucks that he has to have a bath every day though. :(

Comment by triing2survive

Yeah, but it’s the only thing that helps. I’m trying home remedies now. I mixed half white vinegar and half water and rubbing it on his fur. Fleas supposedly hate vinegar. Hopefully it’ll do some good. I just feel so awful for the little guy :(

Comment by kathelldorfer

Yup, he is the most pitiful wet dog on the planet. There is nothing to be done but giggle. Poor baby. He is not real fond of sitting still for flea combing either. Promise him his heavenly reward everyday. And give him an extra treat from me.

Comment by

I’ll give him extra cuddles tonight and a treat just from you. I was cracking up at the ‘promise him his heavenly reward every day’. I love it. I’m pretty sure I saw a documentary in the theaters when I was younger about how all dogs go to heaven. ;)

Comment by kathelldorfer

Uhhh… That’s all GOOD dogs go to heaven.
Just saying.

Comment by Dad

Aw, poor thing. Does he do the pathetic shiver, too? I should throw my cat in the shower, too, but I’d need a suit of armor to come out alive.

Comment by Jo

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