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7 June 2012, 8:30 am
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I’ve been thinking about this for almost a week now, and it’s still bothering me. I decided to share. Maybe y’all will see something here that I’m missing.

On Saturday I got back from Kauai, and Chandra dropped me off at Cara’s house. After screwing around for like four freaking hours, Cara was finally ready. We were supposed to go to a wedding, but that didn’t happen. Instead, we came back to my house. We stopped at Costco, but they closed at 6 pm. ON A SATURDAY. WTF. Since that was a bust, we hit Wendy’s and then came home.

I texted the guy that lives down the street (hereafter referred to as Chad Chihuahua because there are FIVE of the freaking dogs in his house) to see if there was going to be a little beer and bbq that night. There usually is, and once he confirmed it, Cara and I walked down with our contribution of beer.

We get there and sit down at the table. For the next three hours, we’re at the table. Chad Chihuahua is sitting with us, shooting the shit, but after a while we realize that everyone but the two of us and Chad Chihuahua are standing in the driveway by the grill or leaning against the truck. What the hell? I discreetly smell myself and establish that no, I do not have any kind of odor emanating from me. I know Cara doesn’t because in the four hours she took to get ready, there was a shower somewhere in there. She and I are the only females there aside from a wife/girlfriend/fiancee/whatever named Stacy. Or Tracy. I forget which. I’d met Stacy/Tracy before, but she wasn’t the friendliest person, so I assumed she was shy.

That assumption was false. Another girlfriend showed up, introduced herself as Janie, and then went to talk to Stacy/Tracy. At first I thought maybe I was being paranoid because I could SWEAR they were talking about me and/or Cara. ‘No!’ I told myself. ‘We aren’t in middle school any more’ I told myself. ‘Nobody is that childish and mean/rude!’ I told myself. Well, myself was wrong. As soon as it dawned on me that yes, there was indeed a multitude of derogatory whispering, Cara sent me a text saying ‘I think that girl is talking mad shit’

Well, damnit. Cara informed me later that this was how every girl fight ever fought starts, and since I do not fight, I was just offended. I walked over there with my beer and stood next to them. Stacy/Tracy ended her sentence lamely with ‘So yeah. That’s what happened.’ I told her and Janie that I was getting weird vibes and they looked at me like I was fucking retarded. I wasn’t upset until that look. THAT made me want to punch the shit talking bitch right in her goddamned cock sucker.

As I said before, I’m not a fighter. I just rolled my eyes and went and got Cara. We thanked Chad Chihuahua for the bbq and company and we left. Later Cara and I pooled what we had overheard and apparently we show up when nobody wants us there, we always dress up, I always wore tight pants (seriously? me?), we always have low cut shirts on, and I always need to upstage everybody.

Chad Chihuahua INVITED US. That’s why we brought beer! Cara’s dress was Hawaii-casual and went all the way to the floor… because she was planning on attending a WEDDING. The tight pants thing is so ridiculous that I won’t even address it. I was wearing a t-shirt and Cara had on a white camisole because without it the dress was too low cut. Upstaging people is hard to do when I don’t even get up from the table… especially when only one person will talk to me.

Cara asked if she should text Chad Chihuahua and ask what was up. I told her no, it isn’t worth the drama. I don’t know if Stacy/Tracy saw us as a threat, if she just hates other women, or if I personally offended her in some way. Maybe all of the above? I know that she doesn’t pay my bills, we weren’t friends to begin with, and that she’s obviously not someone I’d want to hang out with anyway. But her being weird and hateful doesn’t explain why the eight other people there (all males until Janie came) wouldn’t come sit at the table, too. Cara told me that when she left my house they were all sitting at the table she and I had vacated.

Wtf?! I know I can be a bit abrasive, but I’ve gotten a lot better lately, and I’m excellent at turning it off when I’m in mixed company. I know it couldn’t have been Cara, because she doesn’t hardly say anything when we’re over there.

What. The. Hell. I”m not going to lie… my feelings are kind of hurt. I’m also irritated and confused.


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You are right, you are not in Middle school anymore. Grown women need to act their age

Comment by susan

Wow!!! Those other girls…I just, I’m speechless that they haven’t grown up and act their age. Are they SO not confident in themselves that they have to walk around & put others down? But, why people wouldn’t sit with you at the table, that’s just weird. I don’t get it.

Comment by triing2survive

OMG. Katie, please just forget it. Some women see everyone as competition, it’s like a prehistoric throwback. I occasionally catch myself doing it in my head, judging other women. The only reason they’re doing that is because you make them self-conscious. Because you’re DEAD SEXY, YEAH!!!

Comment by Jo

My first thought is, “What’s wrong with your host?”. It was his responsibility to take care of his guests. And while, yes he entertained you at the table, he allowed the middle school clique mentality free reign. He’s as much to blame, if not more so, than the bitches.

You don’t need to bless him with your company. He ain’t worth it any more than they are.

Comment by Dad

I spoke to him yesterday and he told me that he found out later what happened and felt really bad about it. Her boyfriend said she was drunk, but I don’t know how that’s any excuse.

Comment by kathelldorfer

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