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to hoard or not to hoard
27 April 2012, 10:32 am
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That’s never been a question for me, actually… I love throwing stuff away. It’s cathartic. Watching an episode of Hoarders makes me want to throw away everything I own and then deep clean my house from top to bottom. I don’t of course, because I’m lazy and I have nice things. But I still get that feeling.


I was watching Hoarders: Buried Alive with my friend Cara yesterday, and we were discussing how most of these people have a genuine disorder (even though it’s a First World problem), but some of them just seem lazy. I know this sounds like a harsh judgement, but bear with me. Most of the men and women featured on the show have stacks of things that were bought brand new and dropped off onto a pile when they walked in the door. Items are still in their plastic bags from the shops or still have their price tags attached.


There are a few other people, though, that are just plain lazy. The stacks and piles are not comprised of anything except for trash. Old pizza boxes, takeout containers, styrofoam cups (who even still uses those?), Chef Boyardee cans with bits of food still inside, and ad circulars from ten years ago. They have no problem throwing this stuff away because they aren’t attached to it in any way. That’s not hoarding… that’s laziness. They just can’t be bothered to walk the three steps to the trash can and throw anything away, so they drop it on the floor. Then they’re surprised when rats and roaches show up. Really. It’s ridiculous.


I love that show, though. It’s bizarre how excited I get when I see that a new episode has been DVRed. My favorite episodes are of the people that have let things get so awful that there are dead animals, three inches of dust and cobwebs over everything, mountains of diapers filled with human waste in the bathrooms, and mold that has completely taken over. One episode actually has a man with a gas mask hooked up to an oxygen tank so that he doesn’t become ill from all the dander, mold, and dust in the house. That’s outrageous. It’s sick that I’m so fascinated with these people and their horrible, debilitating disorders. I’ve also noticed that when these people have pets, they have cats. There are a few with a dog, but those aren’t very common. It’s almost always cats. What is it with hoarders and cats? I mean, really.


All right, that’s enough for today. I’m beginning to feel guilty about how much I love watching people that have roaches skittering across the walls of their mold-infested bathrooms while they brush their teeth in a sink that has no running water hooked up to it. What does it mean that I hoard episodes of Hoarders?


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Yeah, you like it, You like it because you recognize how this can happen. You congratulate yourself that you have not allowed yourself to sink to this level of attachment.
There was an older women in my physical therapy slot in the pool; I would see her at least once a week. She seemed lonely; she moved to Southern Maryland to be near her childhood best friend who in turn was cluless and did not include her in her social circle. This woman never complained or even explained to her friend her disappointment in not seeing her except at church every week.
One day I volunteered to pick up a pair of gloves, that would make her arthretic hands hurt less. I dropped them off at her house in Tall Timbers and when she opened the door, I was shocked. There was nothing but boxes of stuff pilied – yard sale knicknacks, letters, papers, little toys, a myriad of junk in boxes stack on boxes waist high. there was a narrow path through to the bedroom, and bathroom and the fridge, With every surface covered and since she used a walker, I was stunned and horrified. I talked to our therapist who advised me to leave it alone, she had a social worker involved. I still think and worry about how she manages without falling,

Comment by Mom

Oh, mom. That’s such a sad story. I hate that people get like that, and I especially hate that she just accepted being lonely instead of talking to her friend about what she had hoped for when she moved back.

Comment by kathelldorfer

I watch that show, too. I think it just makes me feel like, “Yeah, some stuff sucks in my life but not this bad.” Then I go clean the hell out of something…

Comment by Jo

I LOVE Hoarders. I DVR it as well. It’s such a mind boggling show. Like you said, I don’t understand how some people can be so lazy that they can’t take their pizza boxes to the garbage, or throw away a can after making dinner, etc.

Comment by triing2survive

I wonder if they develop a kind of inerertia like a sort of depression and do not have the resolve to fix it.

Comment by Susan Helldorfer

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