now is a good time to panic

17 April 2012, 10:35 am
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SOMEONE STOLE MY BIKE, Y’ALL. For reals. Off our front porch… in base housing. What the hell? It was the biggest piece of shit ever. It weighed 600lbs (see the odyssey) and was basically held together by rust. I don’t even want it back… I’m just mad that they took it. They took the helmet, too. Damnit.


Now I’m back to no way to get to and from the gym. I’m going to have to hit up the thrift store or Airman’s Attic on base to try to find another one. I checked Craigslist, but these people want money for their old shitty bikes. They’re nuts. If it’s cheap enough for me to afford, then it’s like missing wheels or something. I’m not dropping a big chunk of change on a bike that I only ride to and from the gym like three times a week. I have other priorities, you know. Like groceries.


That is all for today. I’m just pissed off because someone took my bike. If I see some kid riding it (assuming I can catch him, which is unrealistic- to say the least) I’m going to shove him to the ground and kick him in the spine. Then I’m going to leave him and his new shitty, rusty, two-out-of-ten-speed functioning, wobbly wheeled bike in the middle of the street. Hopefully to get run over.




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So… Tell us how you really feel.

Comment by Dad

lol the fact that I titled the post ‘assholery’ was enough for you to know what you were getting into ;)

Comment by kathelldorfer

Katie, hugs on the bike, hon. We had to keep our kids’ bikes in the garage b/c of base housing thieves. And then there was my bike back in Turkey. Sigh.

Hit up outdoor rec too. They may have refurbished bikes there for like $20. XoXo

Comment by Dawn Montgomery

Ooohh! Great idea! I’ll call them this week and find out. You’re a genius!

Comment by kathelldorfer

:D Mad genius, Katie. MAD genius.

Comment by Dawn Montgomery

I’ll give him a “Hay” and a “Hi-Ya!” and I’ll kick him, Sir.

Comment by Jerry Russell (@JerryDRussell)

LMAO Three Stooges!

‘Don’t worry, I got what it takes to cure him.’

Comment by kathelldorfer

That pisses me off. I’m sorry Katie. :( Seriously, if I lived in Hawaii or had a way to ship it to you, I’d ship you one of my bikes. I have 3 bikes and only ride 2.

Comment by triing2survive

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