now is a good time to panic

11 April 2012, 8:00 am
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This infographic is dedicated to my father… who has the best beard ever.


 A PhD in Facial Hair
Created by: Online PhD


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After 42 years of beared bliss, it’s nice to know that it has been scientifically justified. I do resent the evolutionary requirement however that my beautiful face has come at the expense of tonsorial perfection for my pate.
Just saying.

Comment by Dad

I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply to you, dad. You’re the exception, not the rule. I did like the warrior implication, though :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

My dad has an epic beard, too. Alas, my husband does not carry the awesome beard gene.

Comment by Jo

Maybe your dad can like give him lessons or something. That’s how it works, right?

Comment by kathelldorfer

In 25 years together, I have never seen my husband’s naked (face) skin, and I never hope to do so. He used to grow it wild and wooly, but now it’s trimmed down to 2″ or so. Hmmm — maybe that’s why he’s getting crotchety?

Comment by Pamela Hermes

Maybe. I’d be crotchety if someone ever made me shave off MY facial hair ;) lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

the hub- man I married, has always had a beard, Every few years he might air out his skin. He would shave it off and let it regrow. He loves his beard and I love him-all of him including his facial fuzz. Beards are distinctive and a matter of taste. i could be happy either way. I do not care for sharp stubble, though.

Comment by Mom

I don’t like scratchy 5 o’clock shadow. so beards ar ok, since they do not graze my face.

Comment by susan

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