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guilty pleasures
9 April 2012, 1:38 pm
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We all have them… I’m going to put myself out there and share a few of mine.


Pizza rolls. I’m addicted to them. The pepperoni ones, to be specific. They’re okay in the microwave, but when you put them in the oven they get all crispy on the outside and gooey and cheesy on the inside and they’re wonderful. I know they’re something that 10 year old boys eat as a snack when they get home from school, and this is why I’m slightly ashamed of my obsession with them… not ashamed enough to stop eating them, though. They’re the perfect midnight snack.


Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese. My ultimate comfort food. There is nothing wrong in my life that cannot be fixed with Stouffer’s mac and cheese. It is magical. That is all I can say. Amazing. It’s the best food ever. Cheesy and delicious. 


Hoarders. OH HELL YES. I lovelovelove this show. Hoarders: Buried Alive, Hoarders, My Crazy Obsession, Intervention… I can’t get enough of them. It’s not even right. Jeff and I sit down once a week and watch all the ‘crazy people shows’ that we’ve DVRed throughout the week… and I look forward to those evenings like you would not believe. Jeff is enabling me, so that doesn’t help at all.


Pillows. I just counted all the pillows on my bed and there are seven. While I’m staying here with Jeff and Kathy, I’m sleeping in a twin bed, and I have seven pillows crammed onto it… SEVEN. Every single pillow is completely necessary for my comfort. I spend an inordinate amount of time in my bed (because of my back issues… like 65% of my week is spent in my bed reading, on the computer, writing, sleeping, crocheting, etc), and I need every one of these pillows in order to survive. :)


Does anybody have any guilty pleasures to confess to? I’m not talking about chocolate or sex or anything, I’m looking for things that you don’t generally tell people about, because they’re too weird. We ALL like chocolate and sex, so things like that don’t count… unless you get really creative with it, and if that’s the case, please feel free to share what’s so weird about your specific peccadilloes, because we’re all very curious.


It’s okay… let your freak flag fly.



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Face masks. I have closet full of them, seriously a closet. I like to put them on when I get home, then after dinner, then before bed. I seriously hoard them. But they feel so good! Also, home fragrance oils. I burn them on each floor and have three dresser drawers full. If I don’t have them filling up the house with their glorious scents, then I get antsy. I’m thinking I may need to just open up a spa in the house…

Comment by Danielle

Yes! I love it. I have a face mask sitting on my bathroom counter that I’ve been saving… for what, I have no idea. I’m going to do it tonight, in honor of you :) Also, those home fragrance oil things smell AMAZING. I would definitely pay a visit to your home spa lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

LOVED this post. LOVE Hoarders & Intervention. I DVR them. There are a couple other TV shows too. I’ll have to create a post about my guilty pleasures. ;)

Comment by triing2survive

OMMFG have you seen My Strange Addiction? It’s AWESOME. This one guy is in love with his car and he… um… expresses himself freely when alone with it. Another girl drinks gasoline, another drinks nail polish (she says blue is her favorite lol), and the worst one is a woman that not only drinks her own urine, she uses it in her neti pot, in her eyewash cups, as lotion and astringent, and she ‘ages’ it and bathes in it, too. So disgusting. LOOOOVE IT.

Comment by kathelldorfer

Yes!!! That show is just WEIRD!!! But I can’t NOT watch it.

Comment by triing2survive

I should not reveal this; since you are the source of the addiction, I must tell you of another occasion of sin I hold you responsible for passing on. I have next to no control if I am in the same room with a bag of candied pecans. I blame you because you carried that first bag into the house and prepped that spinach salad with feta,strawberries and raspberry vinegarette and candied pecans and presented the bowls at dinner one night. Such a wicked act. God, I love it.
That’s enough, I am spent!!

Comment by Susan

This is your Father. And I want to you know how hurt I am that my chili didn’t make your list. Or my shepherd’s pie. Or my grilled Southwestern corn on the cob. I would not have expected to see all of them. BUT NOT A SINGLE ONE?
You may be out of the will… I’ll have to give that some serious thought.

Comment by Dad

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