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Hello again! I took Kaiser for a walk this morning and was thinking about a secret that I’ve been keeping for years and years… I’m a creeper. I’m obsessed with seeing how other people live. I like to take the dog for walks at night because when it’s dark out, it’s easier to see people’s lit up living rooms. I KNOW. Creepy, right? My favorite part of Halloween wasn’t the candy or the costumes, or being terrified of monsters and ghouls… it was seeing what the inside of people’s houses looked like when they opened their door to administer our demanded treats.


I’ve only met one other person that admitted to a weird obsession similar to mine. She LOVED seeing what people ate. All of her friends knew that if they had an interesting meal, they were to take a picture and text it to her. Strange? Yes. Did I judge her for it? Nah. Not when I walk Kaiser slowly by people’s backyards trying to pretend that I’m not checking out their living room furniture. Because I totally am. Don’t get me wrong, now. I don’t notice if people get a new couch or a lamp or anything. I’m just curious. Especially if they live in my neighborhood. When I lived in Pu’uloa, all the houses were pretty much the same, so it really fascinated me to see all the different ways that everyone set up their homes.


Ooohh, and patios. I’m OBSESSED with them. I see the fancy outdoor furniture at home and garden stores and yearn. YEARN, you guys. In my head I have the picture of a perfect backyard, and I will not rest until it’s mine… I’ll just have to figure out a way to accomplish this without laying down $800 for that double outdoor chaise lounge that I saw in BH&G magazine.


Does anyone else have any weirdo tendencies? We aren’t judging around here… well… not today, at least. Next week the judging will start back up again, so confess while you can! I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!



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There isn’t enough room here to describe all my weird tendencies. I like looking in people’s backyards, too. Have a serious case of the wanties on this awesome big ass hammock. I don’t like people to stand behind me, I mean to the point where I will get my knife out. Never touch, think about or look at my belly button. As far as you are concerned, I have no belly button. There have to be 2 locked doors between me taking a shit and the rest of the world. No one is allowed to touch my stomach. There are certain things I do in a certain order, and doing them that way gives me a weirdly peaceful feeling.
This is a lot easier than the “things I like about me” post, LOL. I have lots of neuroses. ;)

Comment by Jo

Hahaha you crack me up. I understand you completely. I HATE being tickled. HATEHATEHATE. You should not even be close enough to touch me, and tickling is FORBIDDEN. I will shove you to the floor, kick you in the spine, and then puke on you.

Comment by kathelldorfer

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