now is a good time to panic

gettin shit done!

Yesterday was a busy day. Kathy and I went to the commissary for groceries and then I went to the Education Office to see the UMUC rep. Yay! Since I’ve already taken classes through UMUC (thanks, Jess!), I don’t have to do all the enrollment crap. I also took Jo’s advice and stood on a chair to announce my major. The two rep ladies were unimpressed, but you know. It had to be done. Marketing is exciting.


On Monday I’ll check my email and hopefully there will be a tentative course schedule waiting for my approval. Then I’ll be legit, y’all! Perhaps… too legit to quit? No? Did I take that too far? Okay. Sorry.


Just as an update (because I know you’re all very concerned), Kaiser’s tummy troubles are much much better now. We’ve figured out that the chicken/rice based dog foods instead of the beef/corn ones are the key. I think the one we bought yesterday has oatmeal, too. The damn dogs are eating better than the rest of us.


I also found some brand new brown leather wedges in my boxes yesterday, so today I took the liberty of wearing the hell out of them. Yellow sundress, yellow and brown leather swap meet knockoff  coach purse, brown leather wedges… I looked cute as a button, FYI. I thought you all might want to know.


That is all for today. Thanks for flying.


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So this must mean you are registered now at UMUC, right? They will not forget your visit. Congratulations darling.
i am also thrilled to hear Kai is feeling better and it was a diet issue and not stress; you have everything under control.

Comment by Susan

Looked cute as a baby duck! In my opinion at least.

Comment by Kathy

Muah! I’m glad I helped!!!

Comment by Dawn Montgomery

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