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boxes all up in this piece
22 March 2012, 8:30 am
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I (very) recently filled the great room of Jeff and Kathy’s house with boxes. When I left Japan almost four years ago, I had my household goods put into storage. A house full of stuff would just not have fit in my dorm room in Turkey. I’ve been going through the boxes a few at a time, and yesterday afternoon I put in several long, hot, dusty hours going through the rest of them. For much of the time, Kathy sat and kept me company and reaped the rewards. I think she ended up with a leather pull out sofa, a leather sectional couch, a vintage brass floor lamp, a white coach purse, assorted clothing and jewelry, a brand new food processor (one of the nice ones), new toaster, two tvs, some bookcases, and a top of the line schmancy crockpot. She’s a happy woman today.

She’s not the only happy woman, though. Giving her so many things seriously cut down on my costs to ship it all when I leave the island. I’m not made of money, you guys. I’m so relieved to be finished going through all that stuff. There were a lot of happy memories in there, and some not-so-happy ones, so it pretty much balanced out… but was still quite draining. I was completely exhausted at the end, and my back is killing me, but I’m totally triumphant. There’s nothing like the feeling of a long-put-off project finally finished.


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Katie Thanks for all the free stuff it Was retail therapy for the poor person. I can’t believe I now own a coach purse It will probably live in my closet because I’m scared to carry it around. Mopar enjoyed his teddy bear he got to chew to pieces. So I think all and all we had a good day yesterday Happy Katie happy Kathy really happy mopar.

Comment by Kathy

Are you relocating soon or just preparing?

Comment by Jo

Preparing. I’m thinking sometime around like Thanksgiving. :) Haven’t made any plans yet.

Comment by kathelldorfer

I am so envious of you all organized and sorted. I get the bug, do it for a few days and then stop to ‘meditate,’ I do plan to do better in the future, though.You know how well I plan:)

Comment by Susan

Any idea on when you plan to leave, love?

Comment by Dawn Montgomery

I’m thinking around Thanksgiving time frame… need some time to get myself together, first :)

Comment by kathelldorfer

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