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modern hippie


Let’s talk about hippies. Not the kind that wear tie dye, have dirty feet, smell like patchouli and frequent drum circles. They’re gross and freak me out. The modern kind, like me. I shower regularly and dress appropriately. If I can walk somewhere, I do. If I can afford it, I buy local and organic. Let’s not go overboard, though- I’m not paying $14 for a jar of peanut butter just because it’s organic. I’ll stick with the Extra Crunchy Super Chunk JIF. It costs about $11 less and comes in a bigger jar. I like to think of myself as a reasonable modern hippie.

I do recycle, though. It’s easier here in Hawaii because they give you money for your plastic, glass and cans, but you know. Every little bit helps. There’s a lot of hippie intention in my world, as well. If I build a house I’ll probably go with pre-fab, because there’s almost no construction waste, it’s much more affordable, and I can have features like rainwater catchment, solar power, bamboo flooring, and add in a rooftop patio so that I can grow veggies without tearing up my yard. If I didn’t travel so much I’d think about chickens, but that’s out. You can hire a neighborhood kid to water your garden, but cleaning out a chicken coop while you’re on vacation is pushing it.

One day hybrid vehicles won’t cost so freaking much, and I’ll be all over that. The same goes for bamboo fiber fabrics and eco-tour vacations. In the meantime I’ll stick with clothing from the sale rack at Ross, furniture off of Craigslist, and budget-friendly vacations to countries that my friends live in. Thank god that I’m eligible for military hops.

Until I am able afford to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly life, I’ll just troll websites like Re-Nest, fantasizing about what could be.



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And the behaviors you describe are those all responsible citizens should practice. That is not trendy, that’s smart and respectful of others.
Smart girl!!

Comment by susan

I agree with all of that except the electric car crap! Real cars have gas motors and put Sirius horsepower. Hopefully my living green lite will be okay as long as my carbon footprint from my car isn’t too much I just can’t bear the thought of my car sounding like a R/C Car.

Comment by Kathy

Sustainable is all about choices -one step at a time. Those bums that are modern day faux hippies were never the real thing. The real hippies went back to the land many years ago.

Comment by earthstonestation

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