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booties, vomit, and twigs
17 March 2012, 8:41 am
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Since my dad’s guest post yesterday was pet-based, I thought I’d share a little story. 


I had grown up with fairly large dogs, but while stationed in Japan, I fell in love with Kaiser the Wonderdog. Since Kaiser doesn’t have an undercoat, in the winter he completely freezes, so he gets to wear little sweaters when we go for walks. He doesn’t care, because in his mind sweater=walkies. The first winter that I had him, I tried those little booties, but that was a bad idea. First he pulled them off, then he chewed them up, then he ate them. Instead of stopping there, he proceeded to immediately throw them up, then rolled around in the vomit. Needless to say, I never tried the booties again. He taught me a lesson.


Now it’s seven years later, and we still have our gross moments. Like most dogs, he eats grass when his tummy is upset, and sometimes there’s a twig or two in there. When he goes to poop later, sometimes the twigs only come out part of the way, and then he completely freaks and runs in circles. I have to chase him down, paper towel in hand, and pull the twig the rest of the way out. These were not the scenarios that I had in mind when I got him, I promise you. He’s lucky he’s so cute.





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Do not be fussing about my grand dog, darling. I remember this little blond angel who used to fall off the pier, wander into closets and under coatracks in museums to hide when it was time to leave and hide her flute and violin when it was time to practice. i kept her anyway.

I also remember she taught me how to use Photoshop, was published on the front page of the local events section with her op ed on the positive values of today’s youth and all the service work she did feeding the homeless, raking the leaves from seniors yards in the fall and volunteering to assist others in the horses for handicapped program- which is alive and thriving. I am so happy i kept her.

Comment by Susan

So you’re saying I had a sister that you never told me about? I’m sure the little blonde girl you speak of cannot possibly have been me… I’m positive I was a perfect little angel ;)

Comment by kathelldorfer

Oh my heck, what a cute dog!!! You have got to post pictures of your dog. He kind of sounds like he has the same temperment and personality as Marley from Marley & Me. I want a dog SO bad, but I can’t afford one, plus, the boyfriend isn’t a huge fan of dogs. That will change. :)

Comment by triing2survive

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