now is a good time to panic

my favorite things

No, not like the song you losers. Okay, well kind of like the song. I don’t remember the last time I saw a brown paper package tied up with string, but I’m sure if I did, I would love it. Then I’d put it on the list. This is more of an under-rated (in my opinion) list of things that make me happy.


Flipflops. LOVE THEM. I wear them unless there’s snow on the ground. Seriously. They are the greatest thing ever. They were originally invented by the Japanese (of course) and have been gradually modified into the thong style that I can’t live without. Mostly because I’m lazy.


Hoodies. I have probably about a dozen hoodies, and that’s after last year’s massive closet cleansing. They’re so snuggly and cozy, and I’m completely addicted to them. For real.


Q-tips. You don’t really think about q-tips unless you’re actively using one, but they are wonderful. I’m not talking about arts and crafts, or manicure applications, either. Just the forbidden act of sticking one in your ear and swabbing it around feels SO DAMNED GOOD. I wish my ears were like super waxy or dirty or something so that I could do it ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately, I have normal, non-dirty ears, so I have to settle for once a day, after my shower.


Bowls. I am well aware of how dumb I sound right now, but bear with me. I’m a messy eater, and I blame it on my short attention span. If I can get away with it, I use a bowl for everything. EVERYTHING. I plop spaghetti in them and balance the garlic bread on top, I have pretty ones on my bathroom sink for holding jewelry, a catch all that I leave by the front door for my car keys and mail, and even a huge woven basket that I bought in Turkey that sits by the back porch for rolled up throws, random pillows, and dog toys. Seriously, everything. I love pretty bowls. They appeal to my deep-seated OCD related organization.


Bags. This goes hand in hand with the bowls. I like the little zippered ones for makeup or travel, and I use them for everything that a bowl cannot handle. The more colorful and funky, the better. Right now my favorite is a light blue back with raspberry polka dots, a big chunky hot pink zipper, and an embroidered sugar skull in silver on the front. I got it at Ross for super cheap, and it lives in my purse. I keep odds and ends in it- mini-lotion, pen, lip gloss, nail file, travel sized hand sanitizer, hair tie,  tiny mints, and eye drops. Random things that I always need and never have when I’m out of the house. I transfer it from one purse to another and my life is good.


Thundershirt. For some reason, Kaiser’s anxiety levels have skyrocketed since moving in with Jeff, Kathy, and Mopar. I think it’s just that living here is so different from what he’s used to, and he’s having trouble adjusting. This has manifested in his recent tummy troubles, and crazed barking fits… sometimes for no apparent reason. That’s cool, except we do not live on a farm, miles and miles from other people. I dropped $40 on a thundershirt (pretty steep, if you ask me, but whatever) and it hasn’t magically transformed him into that cool dog at the beach that can catch frisbees and comes back as soon as he’s called the first time (you know the dog. It’s always a lab or retriever wearing a bandanna with the smug owner nearby), but it has calmed him down a lot. WAY more than I would have attributed to a tight gray velcroed shirt. It’s so snug that it feels like he’s always being hugged, and lowers his feelings of OMGOMGOMGWHATISGOINGONINEEDTOFREAKOUTOMGOMGOMG. So yeah. Thundershirt. Awesome.


Little notebooks. I can’t tell you how many notebooks I have. Probably somewhere around 1.8 million. I like the 5×7 ones in pretty colors and designs. I’ve been using my phone more and more for lists and notes to myself, so I need to stop buying so many notebooks, but it’s so hard. They’re so cute and handy.


I think this is enough for today. I can’t overwhelm you guys or anything. ;) Is there anything normal and unremarkable in your own world that you cannot live without (or are unhealthily obsessed with)?


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Journals, sigh. I have SOOO many pretty journals with nothing in them. I used to be a great journal-er, would draw stuff and write lists and tape random items in them. Then my ex-husband read them and tried to use them against me, and ever since, I will start one, do it for a day or two, then get paranoid and rip the pages out.
Also, little notebooks and little cosmetic bags. Since I am only allowed to carry a purse in uniform that is so ugly my grandma wouldn’t touch it, I let my inner color freak out with the little bags.

Comment by Jo

Sorry your ex-husband was a dick… mine did the same thing. I was exactly the same way with the purse bags, too. I preferred neon to break up the monotony of camo and black purses :) Now I can carry whatever I like, and I don’t own a single black purse lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

I could have predicted everything but the thundershirt- pretty steep but cheaper that a doggie analyst, And the bowls- you always did have a deep respect for pottery; so i am not stunned. I was expecting you to list, crazy little candies, like japanese bubblegum and baklava pastries, rice balls stuffed with sticky fruit and pashminas. But I understand you did not want to write and 2,000 word diatribe on western vs eastern civilization- You also forgot the hello Kitty accessories, too.
Love Mom

Comment by Susan

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