now is a good time to panic

picture time!

Hello there! It’s been a few days since we last chatted. I’ve been a busy girl. Kaiser and I have been back to the vet. His crazy eye is almost completely healed, but now he’s having tummy troubles. :( Currently he’s on a strict diet of overcooked mushy rice in chicken broth, which his Aunt Kathy lovingly prepares for him every other day. Here is a picture of the non-crazy-eyed, tummy-troubled Kaiser.








Next up, RIP Reef Flip Flops. You were good flip flops. You supported my arches, you were very comfy, and you had bottle openers on your soles so that I was never without a way to open my favored beverages of barley and hops. I will miss you very much. I’m sorry you fell apart on Therapy Day and I had to crochet you back together just to make it out to the parking garage and up to my car. I will miss you very much. It will cost me like $50 to replace you, and that also makes me very sad.








The other day I mentioned in an off handed manner to Kathy that I haven’t had wings for awhile and I was craving them. A few hours later, she announced that she had made lunch and this was on the table. Oh hell yes. My life is awesome.












I took Kaiser to the beach on Thursday and there was a monk seal sleeping on the beach. They normally come up to rest, and there are bright orange plastic nets set up and signs posted telling everyone to be quiet and someone from the park service standing there making sure asshole tourists don’t hop the netting and hassle the seals. They also bite.(the seals, not the tourists) I could get pretty close to snap a few pictures, because this seal was alone on the beach- I didn’t realize it until later, but there was nobody there but me and her and Kaiser for several hours that morning.


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Aww, poor Reef flip flop. You have served well and went out with dignity and respect. You will be missed :(

Comment by Steve G

Apparently, my IDENTICAL Reef flip flops have gone on hiatus, or maybe they observed my original DEROS and left on the last rotator??? What the EFF.

Comment by Jo

Well, if you want a pair that’s rigged to look like a Caribbean refugee, then they’re all yours lol

Comment by kathelldorfer

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